The Three Best SMS Marketing Tools and Features to Grow Sales and Revenue

By Jake Meador | 31 Mar 2020

best sms marketing tools to grow sales and revenue



If you are looking to grow sales in your business (and who isn’t?) then SMS marketing may be an excellent marketing channel to consider adopting. SMS messages have a far higher open rate than email and a more fixed, reliable audience than search or social media. 


What specifically will help you grow sales? 


There are three features with texting that are highly beneficial for sales.


First Feature: Coupon Codes and Discounts 💰

Sometimes low sales are basically a technical problem. You have a good product. You have the right audience. It’s just too hard for people to actually buy from you because your website is difficult to use or finding the right product is hard. 


Therefore, one of the best ways to grow sales is simply to make it easier for people to buy. Remove obstacles to purchasing and you should expect to see more sales. 


Using SMS marketing to send out coupon codes or discount alerts is a great way to do this. The coupon or discount incentivizes immediate action. 


You should include a link to a product page in the text, which makes it easy for a person to immediately access the deal.


If you have a good understanding of your customers, your SMS list, and your products, then simply by using this particular technique to alert people to special deals you can dramatically increase sales.


Second Feature: List Segmentation 🗃

Many marketing channels work by broadcasting a message out to a large, mostly anonymous audience. 

This is true of old channels like radio ads or billboards. It also applies to search marketing and social media marketing. This makes it very hard to assess how your marketing is performing because there is simply too much that you don’t know.


Email, in contrast, allows you to track exactly how many people receive an email, how many open it, how many click it, and so on. SMS marketing works the same way, but with far stronger open rates.


Best of all, because you know exactly who is receiving a message, you can segment, or divide, your larger contact lists into highly specific groups of people. 


Does everyone on your SMS list care about the discount you’re offering on one particular product? No, of course not. But do the 15% of your list who bought that product in the past care? Probably! 


Thanks to SMS marketing, you can work in highly specified, granular ways with your contact list and make the most relevant offer at the best possible time.


Third Feature: Link Tracking 🔍

We’ve all heard the old line about the CEO who said that he knew half his marketing budget was wasted, but he didn’t know which half. 


If you want to make intelligent decisions about your marketing strategy, you need reliable data to tell you how marketing is performing. 


SMS marketing is inherently trackable—as with email, you know exactly how many people get a message and how many open it. But you can also take additional steps with most SMS marketing software, like Mobile Text Alerts, to make it even more trackable.


The best way to begin is to include a tracking code when you send out an offer through your SMS list. Tracking codes are lines of code you add to a URL when you’re sending out through texting, email, social media, etc. that tells your analytics software where traffic originated from. You can create as many UTM codes as you like. So if you want to have UTM codes for each segment of your SMS list so you can know exactly what campaigns are performing well… you can do that. You can create UTMs with a service like Mobile Text Alerts, which offers it as part of our SMS marketing software. You can also do it via services like Rebrandly.


Smart, responsible marketing is the product of good data tied to intelligent decision-making. When you use SMS marketing to promote your business and grow sales, you’re better able to track your performance and make necessary changes.


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