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Instantly Connecting People Across the Globe

Twenty years ago no one would have dreamed that mass texting would be be a feasible option for communicating.

Now mass texting is all the rage! It provides a convenient and effective way to reach out to your entire group.

Why Is Mass Texting Effective?

Texting is effective for several reasons:

  1. More and more people are adopting texts as their preferred means of communicating
  2. It is easy for people to opt in to and opt out of mass texting services
  3. People almost never ignore their texts
  4. Texts are short and to-the-point, so the sender doesn't have to spend hours putting the message together
  5. Text messages are inexpensive: most users are now receiving unlimited text messages from their carriers
  6. People check their phones all the time
  7. Mass texting pulls these benefits (and more!) together and allows you to reach people in a personal and engaging way

Consider the alternatives:

  1. Mail is slow and costly
  2. Emails are ignored - Quite often mail won't even make it to the recipient
  3. Phone calls are inconvenient
  4. Social media posts are hit-or-miss
  5. With these points in mind, mass texting is proving to be the best way for many leaders and business owners to connect with their audience

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