Phone Alerts: Reach Landlines AND Mobile Phones in Just a Few Clicks

  • Enjoy flexibility to record automated phone calls, as well as send mass text messages
  • Enjoy easy call recording functionality available conveniently in your web browser
  • Get 25 FREE phone calls & 50 FREE text messages (no credit card required)
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How to Make Sure Your Phone Alerts Reach EVERYBODY

In general, texting is the most effective way to get in touch with people.

(It has reported open rates of up to 98%, after all.)

But… What about those people who still use landlines?

Or what about situations that call for longer messages that texting just can’t quite accommodate?

How can you make sure you have the capability to reach everybody with whatever message you need to send?

Enter Phone Alerts.

Record, Select Recipients, Click “Send”...

Record (or type) your message. Select the recipients. Click “Send.” It’s that simple.

Send Phone Alerts (Calls & Texts) in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Upload Your Contacts

Step 1: Upload Your Contacts

Just take your current contact database and import it into the system. (Or use one of our 5 other flexible opt-in methods.)

Step 2: Set Up Your Message

Step 2: Set Up Your Message

Select your phone recording, or type out the text message you’d like to send.

Step 3: Click “Send”

Step 3: Click “Send”

That’s it! Your text message or phone recording will be sent to the recipients. (If it’s a phone recording, it will play back the message when the recipient answers the phone, or leave a voicemail if they don’t answer.)

Pre-Recorded Phone Calls + Mass Texting Means Everyone Gets the Update

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Enjoy Easy Message Recording Directly from Your Web Browser

Record your messages with just the click of a button. That way, you don’t have to deal with a difficult and confusing recording process.

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Be Prepared Ahead of Time with Automated Scheduling

Easily schedule your recorded calls and text messages ahead of time, so you can send them at just the right time.

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Conveniently View All Recordings in One Simple Dashboard

Rest easy knowing that you can view, name, and manage all of your phone recordings in one simple dashboard. That way, you don’t have to be frustrated trying to keep track of your calls.

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Import Contacts in 1-2-3

Drag and drop a spreadsheet with your contact list (or integrate using or API), so you can get your current contact list loaded in right away.

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Send Out Mass Texts in Less Than 1 Minute

Just select your recipients, type out the message, and hit “Send” - so you can reach dozens, 100s, or 1000s of people instantly via text.

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Enjoy White-Glove, 1-on-1 Help Getting Started

Get a free Zoom consultation to help you get started, and get live chat access as needed. That way, you can get all the help you need - you’re not left on your own.

“It Has Been a Life Saver for Us.”

"Excellent product, keeps our staff and craft employees safe and informed. Pros: Extremely easy to use. I have now used Mobile-Text-Alerts with 2 different very large scale jobs. The product is easy for our less technical HR users who send communications to employees for weather events, meetings, or other safety or emergency events. The product was particularly effective during Hurricane Harvey when communications in the area were very disjointed. … The ability to have multiple keywords and groups made it very easy for our employees to choose to register either in English or Spanish so we can have messages tailored to our non English speaking staff. Excellent.

FAQ ("What Are 'Phone Alerts'?" and Other Q's)

What are “phone alerts”?
How can I use phone alerts?
How do I record a phone call?
Do phone alerts leave a voicemail?
I don’t need both texts and calls. Can I use this ONLY for one or the other?
How much does it cost after the free trial?

25 FREE Calls & 50 FREE Texts (No Credit Card or Obligation Required)

Get all of the following for FREE…

  • 25 FREE phone calls, so you can fully test out the calling platform and get a feel for how it works
  • 50 FREE text messages, so you can fully test out the texting feature
  • Personal 1-on-1 walkthrough via Zoom, so you can feel confident in getting started, and have all of your questions answered
  • Web dashboard, so you can easily send texts & calls and manage your account from all of your devices
  • Spreadsheet importing, so you can take advantage of your existing list rather than starting from scratch
  • Text-to-join functionality, so you can get more people on your text list
  • Automatic QR codes, so you can have even more flexibility in growing your text list
  • Web sign-up forms, so you can easily collect subscriber information
  • Integrations, so you can free up time and hassle
  • Message scheduling, so you’re not tied down to specific times and dates
  • 2-way texting inbox, so you can enjoy personalized 1-on-1 conversations with your recipients
  • Contact grouping, so you can organize your list to send more relevant messages
  • Convenient support, so that you can get the help you need, when you need it
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