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Our SMS marketing platform provides everything you need to engage with your audience using text messages.

Learn What You Can Do With Mobile Text Alerts

2-Way Conversations: Engaging Your Customers Personally - at Scale

Do you want to quickly and easily engage your customers? Do you want to develop stronger customer connections? You can! Just use 2-way SMS conversations. Any text messages that your customers send to you are free. Mobile Text Alerts allows you to comfortably text with your customers at scale.

MMS Messaging: Add Beautiful Images to Sell Your Products

Did you get new inventory that you want to show off? A sale that you're running on a great product? An event that you need customers to be aware of? Empower your message with an image! Send an MMS message and display a photo of your inventory, your product on sale, or your event flyer.

Mobile App: Send Texts On the Go

Just like opening your phone's text messaging app and sending a text to your family, you can open our app and send 1, 100, or 1,000 texts to your customers with the click of a button! Mobile Text Alerts is at your fingertips for both iOS and Android devices. We go where you go.

Text Message Groups: Personalize Your Messaging

Organize your contacts by separating them into relevant groups. Insert variable fields into your text messages such as first name, last name, or other custom fields that you may have in your database.

Upload Your Contacts: Growing Your SMS Contact List

Do you already have a list of contacts? Import a spreadsheet in the platform (XLS, XLSX, ODS, or CSV). You can also ask your customers to text your keyword in to your 5-digit short code or 10-digit number in order to be added to your list. Other opt-in methods include: Quick Add, Manual Entry, QR code, API, and Zapier integrations.

Teams That Love Mobile Text Alerts

"I have been using Mobile Text Alerts for about a year and the features have continued to grow. It has been a perfect way for us to keep in touch with our customers without having to depend on the reach of our social media accounts, which waxes and wanes with each algorithm update.
David Hanna
David Hanna
DaSu Enterprises Inc.

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