Learn How Mass Texting Works

Effortlessly send thousands of texts in just a few clicks with a mass texting service like Mobile Text Alerts.

Mass Texting in 3 Simple Steps

Add Contacts

Save time and hassle with 6 easy, user-friendly options for adding in contacts: text to join, import spreadsheet, QR code opt in, sign up page, manual entry, and over 2,000 app integrations. Take 1-2 minutes to import a spreadsheet or set it and forget it with one of our automated methods.

Send Business SMS

Once you’ve added contacts, you can send or schedule SMS and MMS messages right away to help you drive sales and engage people faster. SMS is the most effective channel for sending promotions, reminders, updates & other helpful notifications to your staff and customers.

Increase Revenue

Your recipients will receive your mass text in seconds and they’ll be prompted to take immediate action. As a result, you’ll be able to drive more traffic to your website, higher attendance to your events, and better communication with your internal team.

Why Mass Text Messaging Works

Tired of your communication efforts being ignored? Missed phone calls, emails getting lost in a cluttered inbox, posts getting drowned out in the noise of social media?

Research shows that 97% of Americans 1 own a cell phone and send or receive an average of more than 40 texts per day 2. Everyday experience also confirms that we are all very familiar with texting.

Mass texting is effective because recipients do not need to:

  • Download an app
  • Have a Wi-Fi connection
  • Learn a new technology

People respond to texts 5x more than emails, social posts, phone calls or any other form of digital communication. That’s because 98% of all text messages are read.

Needless to say, mass text messaging is a very effective way to drive sales to your business, inform your team, and engage your community.

And more effective communication means less frustration and hassle for you!

If you’re interested in sending these types of messages:

  • Promotions & sales
  • Event reminders
  • Safety alerts
  • Automated messages
  • Customer engagement

Then mass text messaging is what you need to get the most satisfying results.

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Teams That Love Mobile Text Alerts

"Mobile Text Alerts gives easy access to adding short links, surveys, images, names of subscribers, and more right there in the app interface. It's super easy to organize members into groups and even purchase a temporary keyword for events. The guys and ladies at support are always fast to respond to any questions and they are super helpful. Every issue I've had has not only been solved but steps were taken by their team to make CERTAIN that we were satisfied with the result.
Jasper P.
Jasper P.
World Alive Outreach Ministries, Inc.

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