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App Features

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Send SMS

Easily and quickly send a mass text alert (SMS) from your mobile device.

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Send Emails

You can send both texts and emails on your mobile device for maximum reach to your audience.

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2-Way Messaging

Engage your entire customer-base at scale with easy 2-way messaging on your mobile device.

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Unlimited Administrators

Big team? No problem! You can have as many administrators as you need to manage contacts and send messages.

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Text to Join

Give your customers an easy way to opt in to your text list by having them text a "keyword" in to your account's phone number.

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Account Metrics

Make informed decisions by viewing data about your messages and contacts.

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Refer a Friend

Earn extra cash just by sharing a link! Refer a friend and earn 20% of the revenue when they sign up.

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Schedule a Message

Instantly send a message or conveniently schedule it to be sent at the perfect time in the future.

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Manage Groups

Easily segment your contact list into groups to ensure that your contacts receive relevant messages.

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Manage Subscribers

Add, remove, or edit contact information easily at your convenience.

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Manage Keywords

Easily add, edit, or remove "text to join" keywords. Conveniently edit your keyword's auto-response confirmation text and group assignments.

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Help Center

Access readily-available help documentation and tutorial articles directly from your mobile device.

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