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How Can You Get Through to Customers?

Getting in touch with your customers and leads is a mess. They don’t read your emails or answer their phones. They try to call you back and you’re not available.

You’d like to give them the best customer experience possible. You’d like to hear their concerns, provide updates, and do thorough follow-ups. You’d like to boost sales for your business by earning new and repeat business.

But how can you get through?

The answer: two-way SMS service via Mobile Text Alerts.

An SMS Inbox Made for Two-Way Communication

Get Your Own Two-Way SMS Inbox
Individual Threads

Individual Threads

An account with Mobile Text Alerts allows you to not only send out mass text blasts, but also have individual two-way conversations with your customers through the Inbox.

Response Options

Response Options

With the Inbox, you can view all the conversations with individual customers who reply to your texts. You can also quickly and easily shoot a response back.

Conversation Management

Conversation Management

The Inbox gives you a single, go-to place for you to manage your customers’ replies and stay engaged.

Two-Way Text Messaging At a Glance

Cut Through the Noise

Cut Through the Noise

Cut through the noise for your customers and leads, and get their attention through two-way texting conversations.

Build Your Bottom Line

Build Your Bottom Line

Boost your customer base and earn repeat business through an individualized messaging experience.

Easily Manage Conversations

Easily Manage Conversations

Manage individual messaging threads for your mass texts quickly via an easy online and mobile inbox.

two way sms example selling hiking boots

Two-Way SMS Available for Desktop and Mobile Devices

Normally, managing multiple texting conversations with customers can be difficult and impractical, if not impossible. But through our two-way texting Inbox, you can view and manage these conversations at a glance from your desktop. Download the free mobile app for even more convenience in managing your conversation threads.

3 Benefits Two-Way SMS Provides for Your Business

How Can I Use Two-Way SMS in My Business?

Two-Way Texting Conversations for Customer Service:

  • Follow up when customers have questions so that they can conveniently get answers right in front of them on their phones.
  • Help customers resolve their problems quickly when they report issues.
  • Try to get feedback from customers and respond promptly to make them feel heard and valued.

two way texting conversation with support person

Two-Way Texting Conversations for Sales:

  • Check in with leads who have made contact or expressed interest.
  • Reach out to alleviate any concerns leads may have about purchasing.
  • Use texting to give a personal touch to the leads follow-up process, helping put a good taste in their mouth regarding your brand - and moving them closer to buying your product.

sms conversation with sales representative

Teams That Love Mobile Text Alerts

"My business has increased 10x, if not more. I cannot thank you enough for creating this service - and at a reasonable rate.
Dan Steele
Dan Steele
D&M Productions of SFL

What Can I Do with Two-way Texting Conversations?

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Manage Conversations

View, manage, and search through conversations with your customers or leads on both desktop and mobile app.

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See Delivery Status

Easily click to see the delivery status of messages you’ve sent.

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Respond to Customers

Quickly type a response back to your customer, and even attach an image to your message.

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View Customer Info

View information for your customer at a glance.

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Unsubscribe Customers

Unsubscribe customers who want to be removed with the click of a button.

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Export Conversation Threads

Export your conversation list to a spreadsheet so that you can have your messaging threads on record.

How Do I Start?

Get a Free Mobile Text Alerts Trial Account Here

Once you have a text alert account, you can get customers and sales leads to sign up for your texts by advertising your free text-in keyword or account sign-up page:

  • For current customers, tell them to sign up for texts in order to receive the best customer service - You could provide some incentive to help persuade them to subscribe, like an entry into a drawing or a discount off their next purchase.
  • For sales leads, tell them they’ll receive an exclusive deal just for signing up for texts.

Set up an automatic text message to be sent as soon as people sign up, welcoming them to your text alerts and letting them know to reply back with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Check in with your customers and sales leads by creating automatic scheduled follow-ups to send out to your customers and leads at different points in the future (for example, after 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months).

If your customers or leads respond to any of your texts, make sure to be quick to respond back, addressing their question, issue, or feedback promptly.

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