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March 12, 2024 (Updated) | By Sam Pelton
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Artificial intelligence. Cutting edge. Robots, future, don’t fall behind.

If you’re in the business world, and particularly the marketing world, you’ve probably heard these kinds of buzzwords over the past couple of years.

That’s because AI is sweeping the globe with its astounding possibilities. (As if you needed proof of this, according to a report cited by Forbes, “The AI market is projected to reach a staggering $407 billion by 2027.” That’s astounding compared to the estimated $86.9 billion revenue Forbes cites from 2022.)

While nowhere near perfect just yet, AI is capturing the minds of people in all fields with its potential to save time, streamline processes, and accomplish all kinds of tasks.

You probably already use AI to some extent within your marketing—likely in your email or longform content creation, for example.

But what about using an AI text message solution to help improve and speed up your SMS marketing process?

Well, you can do just that with integrated solutions like our SmartSMS Suggest AI text message tool.

Here’s how it works (and what you can do with it).

What’s an “AI Text Message”?

An AI text message could be defined as a text message generated by AI tools. This would typically be for the purpose of marketing but could also be for sending alerts and notifications.

Generating text messages via AI suggestions can help users brainstorm message content and streamline the ideation process for their SMS efforts.

An AI tool used to create these messages could be referred to as an “AI text writer” or an “AI text generator” from prompts given by the user.

How Does the AI Text Message Process Work?

In case you were interested, AI in general works through “machine learning, robotics, artificial neural networks, and natural language processing.”

But how does it actually work as far as practically using our SmartSMS Suggest AI text message tool?

It’s really pretty simple…

Enter Prompt - Get Suggestions

The AI text message process involves the user entering a prompt that describes generally what they want their text message to say.

For example, you could give the prompt, “I want to send a 20% off promo to mothers for Mother’s Day - they can redeem it at [link] with the promo code MOMSDAY.”

The AI text writer will then give you a list of suggested SMS you can send to accomplish the goals that you designated.

Screenshot of AI SMS suggestion tool

You can select from the list of suggestions, or you can ask the AI text generator to create new suggestions for you.

(You can still edit the suggested message after selecting it, so you can make any changes you’d like to make to the AI output before sending it.)

You’ll then have an AI text message that you can send to your audience whenever you’re ready.

Foreign Language Suggestions?

What if you have subscribers in different languages?

You can actually use the SmartSMS Suggest tool to generate text messages in different languages. This means you can more easily reach different audiences, regardless of language.

Screenshot of AI SMS suggestion tool in Spanish

Why Use an Integrated AI Text Message Generator?

Using an AI text writer to generate your text messages provides several benefits…

Saves Time

Euronews lists a few general areas in which AI can save you a lot of time (one of those being “writing”).

Although we disagree with Euronews’s (probably intentionally overstated) claim that AI replaces all those skills listed, AI can definitely help speed up processes.

Tools like SmartSMS Suggest (our AI text message generator) save you time by making it so that you don’t have to type out your message from scratch.

Because we all know that sometimes the hardest part about content is simply getting started.

So if nothing else, the AI tool can help you get the initial inertia going, with little time needed on your end to think about specific wording.

Saves Effort

Going along with the last point, you’ll also save effort by taking advantage of an AI text message generator.

As mentioned, you won’t need to go through the whole process on your own effort—you can simply enter a prompt into the screen and you’ll get quality suggestions back almost right away.

(Also, if you use a tool that’s integrated into your SMS platform, you can do all of this directly within your platform, rather than having to find an external tool.)

Helps You Brainstorm

Another benefit from using an AI text writer tool to generate your SMS is simply that it can help you brainstorm ideas.

You’ll get multiple different suggestions for what your message can say, and you can choose the one that you think best communicates what you’re trying to convey.

AI, automation, and SMS icons

Top Tips for Using the AI Text Message Tool

Though the concept of the SmartSMS Suggest tool is simple enough to understand, if you’re not used to AI, there is a bit of an art to giving the right prompts.

Here are a couple of tips.

Be Specific

Broadly, the more specific you can be in giving your prompts, the better the AI’s suggestions will be.

For example, giving a prompt like “I want to send a good text message to get lots of sales” probably won’t yield helpful results.

However, a more specific prompt such as “I want to send a message notifying customers about a one-day only 25% discount on all subscriptions this Wednesday” will generate more usable suggestions.

Don’t Forget to Proofread and Edit

This should go without saying, but don’t just accept the AI outputs as gospel truth.

Make sure to evaluate and edit the output according to the message you’re actually trying to convey. (Remember that AI doesn’t have the human intuition to know that certain wording or phrases sound awkward or aren’t exactly what you were trying to convey.)

What Are Some Examples of How to Use an AI Text Message Tool?

Here are some examples of prompts you can use to generate text messages using AI, and how it can be helpful for your messaging efforts.

Seasonal Offer

  • I want to send a message in both English and Spanish promoting a “this weekend only” 25% discount. Customers can apply the discount by using the promo code WEEKEND25 at checkout.

  • I want to send a message showcasing the amazing deals we’ll be having each day of the week leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There will be a new deal each day.

New Feature Announcement:

  • I want to send an SMS message announcing the launch of a new feature or enhancement for [product or service] to go live on Aug. 9th.

  • I want to send a message enticing customers to purchase our latest [product or service]. They can purchase it at [link].

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AI Text Message Tool Examples

Event Invitation / Reminder

  • I want to send a message inviting customers to our upcoming “Customer Appreciation Gala” on October 19th. It will be at 7:00pm at the downtown Hilton.

  • I want to send a message in both English and French reminding people about the Text Club Memorial Day sale going on this weekend in-store. They have to show the text at checkout to get sale prices.

Customer Appreciation

  • I want to send a message expressing gratitude to our loyal customers and offering them a special 15% discount if they click this link: [link]

  • I want to send a “Happy Customer Appreciation” day message to customers and give them this link to share a review for a $20 Amazon gift card: [link]

Cart Abandonment Reminder:

  • I want to send a message reminding customers about their abandoned cart and offering a free ebook if they complete the purchase. (They can use the promo code EFREE at checkout to claim it.)

  • I want to send a message notifying customers that they didn’t complete their purchase and letting them know they can get free shipping if they order by midnight.

Screenshot of AI SMS prompt and suggestion

Referral Program

  • I want to send a message encouraging customers to refer their friends and letting them know they’ll get a $20 gift card for each friend they refer that purchases. Their referral link can be found in their dashboard Settings.

  • I want to send a message in both English and German letting customers know that we have a referral program that will allow them to earn 15% commission on all referrals. They can click this link for more info: [link]

Birthday Greeting

  • I want to send a personalized birthday message to our customers, along with a special birthday offer of a [free item].

  • I want to send a birthday “congratulations” message to our customers letting them know they can stop in the store any time during their birthday month for a special surprise.

Product Upsell

  • I want to send a message promoting [item 1] based on their previous purchase of [item 2].

  • I want to send a message offering a 20% discount on [item 1] since the customer already purchased [item 2]

Survey or Feedback Request

  • I want to send a message asking customers to participate in a survey or provide feedback on their recent experience. This is the review link: [link]

  • I want to send a message letting people know they can be entered into a giveaway for a $250 Amazon gift card. They just have to fill out a quick survey: [link]

How to Try AI Text Messaging Today

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