Use QR Codes to Grow Your SMS Contact List

  • Grow your list faster by offering an easier opt-in method.
  • Text your opt-ins about events, sales, and appointments.
  • Get a free phone number and QR code. No CC required.
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Hey, Try It Out!

If you're viewing this page on a desktop computer, scan this QR code and experience how QR code opt-in works.

  1. Open the camera app on your phone.
  2. Point the camera at the QR code and click on the prompt that comes up.
  3. After your phone loads a prefilled text message, hit "send"!

Make Opting In Faster and Easier

No more remembering phone numbers, filling out long sign-up forms, or adding contacts manually. QR codes make it convenient for customers to opt in to your contact lists.

No-Hassle List Growth

No-Hassle List Growth

To sign up for your business’s contact list, all a customer needs to do is scan a QR code and hit "send." There are no phone numbers or keywords to remember, no webpage to navigate to, and no spreadsheets to upload.

Create Multiple QR Codes

Create Multiple QR Codes

Want to keep your SMS contact lists organized? Post different QR codes at different locations and you will end up with location-specific contact lists. This helps you keep your messaging relevant and focused.



You can display your QR codes anywhere: doors, tables, registers, brochures, marketing materials, and even your website! Posting your QR code in places like these will help you grow your list quickly.

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Where Can I Post My QR Code?

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Front Door

Invite visitors to join your list at the door, whether your store is open or closed.

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Print Media

Add your QR code to banners, brochures, and business cards.

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Job Site

Post your code at job sites so that team members can scan it and receive location-specific updates.

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Welcome Desk

Point your visitors to your SMS list to receive more information.

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Adhere your QR code to your product or packaging.

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Display your QR code at your restaurant or cafe's dining tables to get repeat customers.


"I have been using Mobile Text Alerts for about a year and the features have continued to grow. It has been a perfect way for us to keep in touch with our customers without having to depend on the reach of our social media accounts, which waxes and wanes with each algorithm update.
David Hanna
David Hanna
DaSu Enterprises Inc.

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