SmartSMS AI Solutions to Streamline Your SMS Marketing

July 13, 2023 | By Sam Pelton
Robot hand illustrating AI solutions

The future of SMS marketing is now.

Meet SmartSMS - cutting-edge AI technology built to change creating top-performing campaigns from an art into a science.

These AI solutions are available for free with all Mobile Text Alerts accounts - with more to come!

Check 'em out below...

  1. SmartSMS Suggest

Imagine if you didn't have to start from scratch with your SMS content.

With AI, the reality is here! The integrated SmartSMS Suggest tool allows you to enter a prompt directly into your online dashboard and receive a list of suggested content for your SMS.

Discover more about SmartSMS Suggest

  1. SmartSMS Shortener

With SMS, content length is important, because longer messages cost you more message credits.

The integrated SmartSMS Shortener tool will give you suggested content you can use to shorten your message if you're having a hard time keeping things brief. (That way, you can save your hard-earned money!)

Discover more about SmartSMS Shortener

  1. SmartSMS Image Generator

People love images!

But it can be difficult to come up with graphics to go along with your text message efforts.

The SmartSMS Image Generator is here to help.

You just plug in the type of image you're hoping to create for your text message, and watch the AI work it's magic. Easy!

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