About Us


In 2011 James Pelton, entrepreneur and web developer of Lincoln, Nebraska, saw a need. With the ever-growing popularity of text messaging, he noticed that many organizations were behind the times when it came to how they communicated with their members. Many churches, businesses, and other organizations were still using phone calls and emails as their primary methods of communication, and James saw the potential for sending out text messages. But most mass texting services were too expensive for churches and other organizations on a limited budget.

With that in mind, James established Mobile Text Alerts. He wanted to create an affordable yet effective means for organizations to communicate with their members or subscribers. The idea caught on quickly, and soon hundreds of individuals and organizations from all across the country—including churches, schools, YMCA’s, other non-profits, fitness clubs, daycares, banks, and other businesses—had signed up to take advantage of the mass texting services.

Now, after much expansion, over 8,500 accounts for numerous different kinds of groups and industries have been created with Mobile Text Alerts. Each day we as a team seek to create a positive experience for each of our customers so that they can communicate with their group in the easiest, most effective, and most affordable way possible!