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In 2011 James Pelton, entrepreneur and web developer of Lincoln, Nebraska, saw a need. Many organizations and businesses were still using ineffective, inefficient phone calls and emails as their primary methods of communication. James saw the potential for sending out text messages.

While still working a day job, he developed the software for Mobile Text Alerts and built the company from the ground up. What started off as a dream from a young college student grew into a full-fledged business. He established a customer base, built a team, quit his day job, and here we are today as a result.

Each day we as a team seek to create a positive experience for all of you, our customers, so that you can market to your own customers in the easiest and most effective way possible!


We are Mobile Text Alerts. We value service, ownership, hard work, humility, and integrity. We use text messaging to help businesses grow profits by connecting with their customers. Our values carry over into the product we provide in order to present you with an efficient, effective, and helpful experience by which you can increase profits.


We know you have struggles and we know you have goals for your business. We can help you reach those goals by giving you a simple yet highly effective means to reach your customers. Will you let us help you?


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