Share a Link. Get Cash in Hand… with Our Referral Program

Make money by sharing the success of SMS marketing with your network. For everyone you refer, you'll earn 20% commission on all their sales. Plus, they'll get their first month half off.

Contact support after signing up to get your referral link.

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Make $100s or $1000s Just by Sharing a Link

Did you know that 34% of Americans have a “side hustle”? And that the U.S. side hustle market is valued at over $2.58 trillion?

And let's face it... Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest side hustles out there.

Through affiliate marketing, all that side hustlers need to do is share a link, and they can get cash flow coming in while they sleep.

Wouldn’t it be nice to bite into a piece of that massive side hustle pie? To just sit back and watch extra money flow into your bank account?

We all know that we need to work hard, of course. But so many people are getting supplemental income like that.

Why not you?

Sound like a pipe dream? Too good to be true?

It’s not.

You can take advantage of affiliate marketing through our SMS affiliate program to help get you there.

Mobile Text Alerts

Get UNLIMITED 20% Revenue on All Referrals with the MTA Affiliate Program

Get an account at Mobile Text Alerts and receive 20% commission on all sales that come in through your unique referral link. (Contact support after signing up to receive your link.)
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How to Make Money as a Referrer

(in 3 Easy Steps)

Step 1: Create Your Mobile Text Alerts Account

Step 1: Create Your Mobile Text Alerts Account

If you haven't already, get a Mobile Text Alerts subscription. Your account can be ready to go in less than 5 minutes.

Step 2: Receive Your Unique Referral Link

Step 2: Receive Your Unique Referral Link

Once your subscription's set up, you can access your referral link from your online dashboard.

Step 3: Share Your Link

Step 3: Share Your Link

Share your referral link wherever you have influence - via social media, text message, email, your website, or in person. Your audience will be incentivized with 50% off their first month if they use your link, and you’ll receive 20% of all the revenue they EVER bring in.

Here’s What You Get with Our SMS Affiliate Program

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Get Unlimited Passive Income

With no caps on what you can earn, you can join our affiliates who make as much as $800/month consistently… simply by sharing your referral link within your sphere of influence.

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Incentivize Your Referrals with a 50% Discount

Your referral link will give people an automatic discount for 50% off their first month. So you can use that as an easy incentive to entice people to sign up.

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Enjoy No-Obligation Flexibility

You have the freedom to put as little or as much effort into your affiliate marketing as you’d like. There are no fees or quotas required, so you can share your link one time and see how it goes, or you can actively promote it on a consistent basis.

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Receive Consistent Monthly Payouts

You’ll enjoy consistently adding income to your monthly cash flow, because you’ll receive your payouts via PayPal on a regular monthly basis (based on what your referrals paid in the previous month).

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Conveniently Monitor Referrals and Payouts

You can easily view and monitor your referrals and payouts directly from the Mobile Text Alerts platform. So there’s no need to worry about third party referral tracking software.

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Get White Glove 1-on-1 Onboarding

You don’t have to scramble to figure things out on your own! Get all the help you need to get started through a free 1-on-1 consultation at your convenience. (And if you run into any questions down the road, same-day support is available to help every step of the way, via live chat and email.)

$630,731.02 Paid Out to Our SMS Affiliates (and Counting)

You can enjoy your piece of that.

And there’s no barrier to entry - You can get started right away.

“Yes, You Can Actually Make Money with This” (and Answers to Your Other FAQs)

Can I ACTUALLY make money with this? How much can I earn?
Are there fees or quotas?
How will I get paid?
Will you provide any help with marketing?
How do I get people to sign up?
What’s the first step?

A Referral Program with Powerful Potential.

Get all of the following for FREE…

  • 20% Commission on All Referrals, so you can make money just by sending in a referral - no setup or white labeling needed

  • Shareable Referral Link, so you can easily promote to your sphere of influence

  • Unlimited Passive Income, so you can have unlimited potential to get extra $$$

  • 50% First-Month Discount for Your Referrals, so you can have a strong incentive for your audience to use your link to sign up

  • No Obligations or Quotas, so you can refer as much or as little as you’d like with no risk

  • Consistent Monthly Payouts via PayPal, so you can enjoy that extra income on a regular basis throughout the year

  • Easy Monitoring of Referrals and Payouts, so you can track your referrals without a lot of extra effort

  • White Glove 1-on-1 Onboarding, so you can get all the help you need to get started

  • Convenient Chat and Email Support, so you can get any extra help you need, when you need it

  • Robust Help Documentation, so you can have all the info you need in order to promote the platform

Get your account set up today!