46 Business Texting Case Studies & Testimonials

SMS marketing testimonials

So you’re considering using a texting platform...

It makes sense… everyone texts. Up to 98% of texts are read.

You can surely take advantage of that and use it for your business.

But how? Is a platform like Mobile Text Alerts the right fit?

Here are some reviews, testimonials, and case studies to help you in your evaluation, so you can see what Mobile Text Alerts is the right choice for you.

Customer Ratings from Review Sites

Check out the following summaries and excerpts from 3 top review sites: Google, G2, and Capterra...

Google Reviews

Google Reviews - 4.9 out of 5 stars

Everyone’s #1 go-to is Google… And Google reviewers give Mobile Text Alerts top ratings. Below are some highlights.

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"Support is absolutely amazing"

"Great customer service! … Using a local number as suggested improved my efficiency. Great service!

G2 Reviews

G2 - 4.6 out of 5 stars

G2 is a well-known and trusted review site that allows peers to review software. They also give out awards quarterly to highly-rated software.

Some of the awards Mobile Text Alerts has earned include:


Below are some highlights from G2 reviews.

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"Effective and user-friendly"

"Quick, easy, and reaches your audience.

Capterra Reviews

Capterra - 4.6 out of 5 stars

Capterra is another peer review site that helps users with software that’s a good fit for them. It hosts and aggregates reviews so that consumers can make better decisions about purchasing software.

Some highlights from Capterra reviews are below.

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"This has helped me with reaching my users MUCH faster than email"

"It’s a simple and very effective mode of communication. Love it. … The customer service is insane. They will respond even on Sundays. Wow!

Customer Testimonials

Below are additional, real reasons why customers love Mobile Text Alerts.

Helps You Increase Sales

“Doubled my sales"
“My business has increased 10x"
"Generate income quickly”
"Increased my sales"

Easy to Use and Easy to Work With

"Great for text marketing"
"The only platform that has never let me down in any way."
“I am able to communicate with staff all over the city in an instant"
"It's super easy to organize members into groups"
"You can reach so many people at one time"
"Gives you the ease of sending multiple messages with 1 click"
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Case Studies from Real Customers

Below are 14 specific customer case studies, to help show you how we’ve helped businesses just like yours...

Traditional Businesses

Metalworking Group

It’s an instance of using SMS for HR rather than specifically for marketing.

But it’s a perfect example of how the right kind of communication can save real dollars.

Bill Mondillo, a facilities manager at Metalworking Group in Cincinnati, OH, first realized the company needed a text alert system when the power went out one day.

The company’s policy was that everyone who shows up for work always gets paid for at least 2 hours of labor, regardless of whether or not they worked the full 2 hours.

However, due to no power, there was no work to be done. Also due to no power, they couldn’t access their database of phone numbers in order to call employees and let them know not to come to work.

So lots of people showed up to work, were immediately sent home, and got paid for nothing.

Mobile Text Alerts became the solution Bill was looking for in order to prevent fiascos like that from happening again.

Bill appreciates that the desktop version of the platform is web-based, and also that the mobile app allows him to contact people, without requiring him to have access to a computer.

And he finds the customer service… “exceptional.”

“I looked at a lot of systems that would meet my budget. This one really came through for me. I have several features I really like. The mobile app is great because I don’t need to be at a computer to communicate with our employees. There is also a replies feature in the dashboard. I can get feedback from the employees right away.” - Bill


Main Street Crossing

Can you use SMS for event marketing and promotion?

Katie Hollis does!

She’s a marketer for Main Street Crossing, a music venue in Houston.

Two things that Katie appreciates about using the text alert platform are…

  • How easy it is to import a file of contacts and sort them into the appropriate groups (that way, she can segment her list according to what shows concertgoers have attended previously)
  • How easy it is to get in touch with support whenever she has any questions: “I can always get a hold of someone quickly and get my question answered then and there. There’s no waiting 24 hours for a response. They never make me feel dumb.”

“Mobile Text Alerts has made it very easy to get information out to people who are interested and to sell tickets quickly.” - Katie


Music House

As a program manager for Music House, a music school in Kansas City, MO, Audrey Klassen found text alerts to be an affordable, reliable way for her to communicate with customers.

Audrey says that Mobile Text Alerts has “helped our business grow by helping us connect with our clients easily and quickly.”

She uses the “groups” feature to help organize her contact list into targeted segments (such as instrument, grade, or class).

“Do you want to grow? Are you thinking outside the box? Mobile Text Alerts will help you stand out among other businesses.” - Audrey


Ventresca Real Estate

Frank Ventresca needed a way to get in touch with sellers and buyers quickly. He found it in Mobile Text Alerts.

Frank says that text alerts helped him “communicate in a way that’s really impossible to do any other way” and says he’s “seen sales go up exponentially.” Frank agrees that “texting these days is the best way to reach people.”

He uses SMS drip campaigns to “drip out” text messages automatically over a designated period of time to the sellers and buyers he’s in contact with.

“I love using Mobile Text Alerts because it creates efficiencies for my business. I can create vast amounts of clients and have people opt in and communicate in a way that’s really impossible to do any other way. … I’ve seen sales go up exponentially. … I would definitely recommend it to a friend.” - Frank


Aisin Electronics

Jamie Hunsaker is another example of someone who has found Mobile Text Alerts to be effective not only for marketing but for HR.

She needed an effective way to notify employees at Aisin Electronics regarding important updates. With Mobile Text Alerts, she’s been able to message “team members with information about benefits, health information, COVID-19 information, plant closures, and unemployment information.”

“[Mobile Text Alerts is] a quick and easy way to keep team members ‘in the know’ about ongoing and unexpected changes.” - Jamie



Indian Hills Community Church

Churches were actually how Mobile Text Alerts got its start.

The original founder of Mobile Text Alerts was a Bible teacher for the college group of Indian Hills Community Church in Lincoln, NE. He found it challenging to communicate simple information to all the college students, and decided that texting was the best solution. He built the original software with this specific case study in mind, and the business grew to serve other industries across the spectrum.

Jeff Horn, a pastor at Indian Hills Community Church, uses text alerts to notify members regarding various updates within the church, such as event changes and updates—particularly within the youth groups.

Jeff says that Mobile Text Alerts “has really helped us to notify our people more quickly.”

As an example of a specific ministry that uses the alert system, Katie Pelton directs a girls’ choir ministry within the church.

When she took over this choir ministry, Katie needed a way to get information across to parents and singers. Katie says regarding the girls’ choir, “Before, they had a Facebook group and parents wouldn't check it and letters would get lost, so parents just didn't have information."

Text alerts helped solve this problem of lost communication by getting information directly into people’s hands. Katie says that “parents don't check their emails or Facebook and notes sent home with the girls get lost and never reach the parents. … With text alerts, people were aware of what was going on and were more informed.”

Katie uses text alerts to let people know about rehearsal times, events, updates, and announcements, as well as to share song recordings to help the girls practice at home.

“It's nice to schedule alerts, then when I think about it at 1:00 in the morning I can just schedule a message for the next day. I like the fact that I can have one account and two separate groups - I like that I don't have to sign in to different accounts.” - Katie


City of Pueblo, CO

The government employees of Pueblo, CO, were having an internal communication problem—a problem with email.

Bobby Cuomo, media systems administrator for the city, puts it simply, “A lot of times [people] just aren’t looking at [their] email.”

Texting, on the other hand, is much more likely to be seen: “With a text alert - boom! - there it is. It’s a better way to communicate.”

Texting is especially helpful for reaching employees who primarily work out in the field, since these folks don’t check their email as often. Through texting, managers can remind city employees about meetings and appointments.

The city also plans to roll out the text alert system to reach citizens on a city-wide level as well.

Helpful tools such as the ability to create message templates and segment customers into groups help save the team time and be more organized.

“A lot of times [people] just aren’t looking at [their] email. With a text alert - boom! - there it is. It’s a better way to communicate.” - Bobby


Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Directing an entire non-profit division can be a challenge.

Nate Lewis knows that firsthand as a regional director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) in west central Nebraska.

As a non-profit centered around athletics, Nate needs to regularly interact with a wide array of people, including students, coaches, staff, volunteers, and donors.

Of course, there are a number of challenges involved with communicating with all of these people. “People don’t look at email as much as they used to; they live with their faces on their phone.”

Nate has since implemented texting for his organization and has found it to be “critical” as a way to get in touch with people.

Personalization is one of his favorite features—being able to fill in the text messages with recipients’ first names (even when sending out a mass text to groups of people). He also specifically enjoys being able to use message scheduling and contact grouping options to help him send reminder texts before events.

Texting is consistent and effective, making it, in many ways, superior to other communication channels.

“There’s no question when it comes to why you should use this tool. Critical information is going to be way more consistently looked at through text message than it will any other communication today.” - Nate


Sarah Cannon

Sarah Cannon is a cancer research organization owned by HCA. They are centered in Nashville, TN, but have a presence in several communities across the United States as well as in London.

The organization needed a way to communicate with almost 1,000 employees about weather alerts and safety conditions. All they had was a hotline and email but they wanted something more effective.

They decided to try Mobile Text Alerts. Michael Anderson, manager of technical services for Sarah Cannon, says that after they started using text alerts “colleagues were able to easily get notified before getting ready or heading into work.” A few reasons he chose Mobile Text Alerts were because it was “simple/easy” and had “[g]reat customer support if needed.”

One feature Michael especially appreciates is message templates. He likes the “ability to have 6 pre-populated messages and then as needed (early morning rush) send those out to all or certain groups.”

With Mobile Text Alerts, Sarah Cannon is able to save time, frustration, and hassle getting info out to employees.

And when it comes to cancer research, time saved is time better spent elsewhere.

“[I like the] ability to have 6 pre-populated messages and then as needed (early morning rush) send those out to all or certain groups.” - Michael


Individually-Run Businesses

Bracket Races

Bracket Races, owned by Peter Biondo, hosts 3 drag race events throughout the United States yearly. They are “known in the industry as the most well run and fun events to attend.”

With 400-600 racers at each event, the owners needed a way to communicate with families and employees regarding updates for each day’s race.

They chose Mobile Text Alerts because of positive interactions with sales and “good pricing.” They appreciate the ability to easily organize subscribers/groups for each event they put on.

A major challenge they faced “is communicating with our race as far as when to get their race car to the staging lanes, winning prizes and any changes we have made on the fly throughout the day.” Before using text alerts, they “solely depended on the announcements made at the track along with social media.”

Text alerts have allowed them to reach people in a more effective and efficient way.


Kastle’s Kreations

Kastle’s Kreations is a mobile food truck business specializing in gourmet cupcakes. They offer over 100 flavors (including the Lemon Rosemary Smoked Salmon Cupcake which won them season 9 of the hit Food Network show Cupcake Wars!), and their menu rotates weekly.

As a mobile food truck, they travel between Anchorage, Eagle River, and Wasill in Alaska. They needed a new way to communicate the location of the cupcake truck after experiencing issues with Facebook.

Text helped them “bridge the gap of people who are not on social media since that was our main way of communicating where the cupcake truck would be. Facebook changed its algorithm and it made it hard for people to see our content.”

They started using Mobile Text Alerts and found the texts to be extremely popular and began sending texts to over 1,000 customers. They found that people would say “the texts are ‘unhealthy’ for their diets since now they always know where we are! They said they love the texts and they definitely work!”

Mobile Text Alerts has helped Kastle’s Kreations to increase reach, improve customer satisfaction… and allow more people to eat their delicious cupcakes!

“[Customers say] the texts are ‘unhealthy’ for their diets since now they always know where we are! They said they love the texts and they definitely work!” - Kastle


Bethany’s Bomb Bling

There are many, many direct sellers across the world.

Often, they get into direct sales because there’s a low barrier to entry, and they get to sell a product they love.

But that doesn’t make direct sales easy. Truly being successful takes a lot of work.

One major means of selling for many of these videos is hosting live videos on social media to promote the products—these are called “live sales.”

Bethany sells jewelry via this method. She says that sending texts helped boost the attendance to her live sales by 50%.

She says, “We cannot rely on Facebook or other social media platforms to notify our customers when we are live or when we have a sale or when we have a promo.”

Mobile Text Alerts has helped her business by giving her an easy way to notify her customers about anything she wants them to know… helping her get more sales.

“If … you are considering Mobile Text Alerts, what I would tell you is that if you don’t do it, you are missing out on sales.” - Bethany


Beautifully Blessed Boutique

Wanda also sells Paparazzi Accessories jewelry for her business, Beautifully Blessed Boutique.

Wanda was struggling with how to get more people to show up to her live sale presentations online. Many would express interest but wouldn’t attend.

She started sending text alerts before her live sales started, including a link leading people to her video, so that she could remind more people to attend. Those simple reminders have increased event attendance and, ultimately, led to more sales.

In addition, Wanda sends texts to let her “VIP” customers know when she has new inventory, to help drive interest in the new products.

The effectiveness of texting makes it an essential tool for many direct sellers like Wanda.

“[W]hen I want to schedule a Facebook Live sale, 30 minutes prior to my show, I will have an alert coming out to all my subscribers letting them know. … I’ll drop my link in there and remind them that they can come straight to my live show.” - Wanda


Anna’s Bling

Anna was texting her customers. Then she decided to stop.

The results after stopping… weren’t good.

Anna sells jewelry under the name Anna’s Bling and was using texts to notify customers about her live online sales.

One day she stopped texting. And her business suffered.

Many people stopped showing up to her live sales.

After several months of decreased sales, Anna picked her texting efforts back up.

The result? Attendance shot back up.

Her conclusion:

“If I had a friend that had a small business, I would definitely recommend Mobile Text Alerts. I know it works!” - Anna


Beauty n’ Scents

One independent direct seller finds text alerts to be a versatile tool to give a boost to her business’s efficiency.

Edie Anne, a Scentsy consultant, co-owns the boutique, Beauty n’ Scents.

In addition to using texting to market specials and new products to her customers, Edie Anne has found texting to be extremely helpful in simplifying communication with her team.

One way she uses Mobile Text Alerts is to send out team meeting reminders or to set up personal meeting times.

But one of the primary ways she uses texting is for coaching and onboarding new consultants that join her team. She has a pre-made “drip campaign” set up, which will send a series of texts to help train these new consultants on how to get off on the right foot.

(Plus, a bonus—she loves the customer service.)

“[Mobile Text Alerts] allows me to be more effective in my training and coaching and being a consultant rather than messing with the technology and having to manually send texts to individual people.” - Edie Anne

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