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Stop wasting time struggling to update everyone and start sending unlimited text message alerts!

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Let your organization know about weather cancellations,
upcoming events, and announcements

Text message alerts are excellent for businesses, teams, clubs, church groups, or any
other organization that wants to stay connected.

Engage Your Members With Text Alerts

Engage Your Members

Over 95% of text messages are
read within an hour of receiving
them. There isn't any more effective way to get information to people.

Easy to Use

Easy to Add Subscribers

Members can text in to join, visit
your sign-up page, or you can add
them yourself by importing a

Affordable Text Message Alerts


No startup fee, and no fee per
text. Just a flat monthly fee to
send out unlimited messages.
Prices start at $12/month

  I am completely satisfied. I would rate it a 10 for what I use. I dispatch maintenance guys all over Lake Charles. Before text messaging, I would have to call them and hope they would answer or leave messages. Now with text messaging, I send it out and know that they are receiving my alerts and taking care of the problems.  

  Carl LeJeune, operations director for CARC

Start Your Own Text Alert System


Organizations have an SMS alert system with Mobile Text Alerts.

Nearly 20% of all YMCAs use Mobile Text Alerts as their text alert system
Mobile Text Alerts has always been focused on helping non-profit organiations achieve their goals
The Boy Scouts of America use Mobile Text Alerts as their primary method of communication
Thousands of churches use Mobile Text Alerts to keep in touch with their congregations
National University Uses Text Alerts For their School Notifications

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