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SMS Marketing Software That Is 5x More Effective

When you send 1,000 emails did you know that typically only 171 are opened? And only 27 people click on your links?1

Sending text messages is the most powerful and affordable way to engage your customers. With a 99% read rate, your messages will never go unnoticed again!

When you post on your business page did you know that the average organic reach is only 6% of your page likes?

Drive More Leads with Business Text Messaging

99% of all text messages are read!

People respond to texts more than email, social posts, phone calls or any other form of digital communication.

Mobile Text Alerts allows you to easily send or schedule text messages to your entire audience and drive more sales.

Send text messages about

    • promotions

    • event reminders

    • product updates

Create trackable links to know exactly who is clicking on your texts and visiting your site as a result!

Sell to more people with business texting service

“My business has increased 10x, if not more. I cannot thank you enough for creating this service, and at a reasonable rate. ”

- Dan Steele, D&M Productions of SFL

SMS marketing software with add new subscriber feature

Add New Customers in 3 Easy Ways

Mobile Text Alerts was built for your ease and your customers' convenience. We offer multiple effective methods for adding new subscribers to your account

Import your existing customers by uploading a spreadsheet to your account control panel. There is no limit to the number of subscribers you can import.

Have your subscriber opt-in for your messages by texting a specific keyword to the Mobile Text Alerts longcode (662-200-4303). You can change keywords as you want later.

Upgrade your plan for shortcode opt-ins and you could increase your subscription rate by up to 60%!

    Go ahead, test it out!

      Text “tryit” to 74121 and receive a text reply

Once your MTA account is active, we’ll generate a sign-up page for all your potential future subscribers. Let us host your sign-up page or embed the HTML on your website so your followers can sign up for your SMS service directly from your site.

Online business owner winning at bulk SMS texting

With Mobile Text Alerts, you can send messages whenever and however often you want. The user interface is very simple and they have a reliable customer service. Regarding SMS marketing I can’t think of a better provider.

- Tracey Morgan



Text Messaging Service to Help You Double Your Sales

Make your customers happy by connecting with them on a personal level using message replies.

Send a text blast with our app and immediately initiate a 2-way conversation with your customer.

Manage your notifications easily and reply to your customers' questions in your account control panel.

Use SMS marketing to double your sales

Mobile Text Alerts doubled my sales in the past 2 weeks!

- Jessica Draven


Higher sales with SMS marketing solutions

SMS Marketing Software Use Cases

Many ways to drive more sales with business text messaging

Sales Promotions

Better sales promotions with business SMS software

“All products are 15% off for the next 2 days! Click here to grab your items while they’re still available www.yoursite.com

New Product Updates

Advertise new products with SMS Marketing Software

“New gear has just been posted! Shop today and get the newest items www.yoursite.com

Customer Engagement

Engage your customers with mass texting service

“This is Aaron, thank you for your purchase! What do you think of your new items? Reply to this text to let me know!”

Webinar Notifications

SMS Marketing Solution for webinar success

“Hi Austin, your webinar starts in 20 minutes! Go here to join and say hi when you’re in :) www.yourwebinar.com

Event Updates

Send event updates with text messaging for your business

“Join here for the live event! We’ll be giving away 3 items so you won’t want to miss it. www.yourevent.com


Product giveaways with mass texting software

“We are giving away a brand new laptop! Go here to register. Good luck to you! www.yourgiveaway.com