Boston Real Estate Firm Achieves Exponential ROI Using SMS Marketing

March 24, 2023 (Updated) | By Aaron Nicholson
Boston Real Estate Firm Achieves Exponential ROI Using SMS Marketing

How SMS Creates Efficiency for Realtors

Frank Ventresca is a realtor who needed a way to easily and quickly communicate with his clients, both sellers and buyers. He found it with Mobile Text Alerts.

I love using Mobile Text Alerts because it creates efficiencies for my business. I can create vast amounts of clients and have people opt in and communicate in a way that’s really impossible to do any other way.

Automated Campaigns Make Messaging Easy

In particular, Ventresca appreciates the drip campaign feature which allows the user to create a series of automated, scheduled messages that are sent out slowly over time.

I’ve seen sales go up exponentially.

In all his work trying to find the best way of reaching out to and connecting with clients, Ventresca says texting is simply the best option available.

I would definitely recommend it to a friend. There are so many options out there and from a cost standpoint Mobile Text Alerts is the best. It’s easily the most tailored solution for texting, and texting these days is the best way to reach people.

Keeping Buyers & Sellers Up to Date

A realtor’s communication needs are obviously unique: You’re constantly trying to keep sellers up to date on the status of their home while also communicating with a wide range of buyers with wildly different desires for their next home.

Finding a communication solution that allows you to communicate quickly and easily with such a disparate group of people is difficult. But according to Ventresca, texting accomplishes all of those goals.

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