5 New SMS Strategies to Try in 2024

January 4, 2024 | By Sam Pelton
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Businesses are like AI.

OK, not exactly like AI, but like AI in one sense—we need to learn and adapt.

If we don’t learn and adapt and try new things, our businesses will become outdated and will fade out of usefulness.

The same concept applies to your SMS strategies.

The digital world is always changing; people are always changing; so SMS strategies may require trying new approaches as well.

So as we start out 2024, here are 5 new SMS strategies you can consider trying this year. (Note that these aren’t tried-and-tested strategies but are ideas to spark your creativity.)

Let’s make 2024 the most profitable year yet!

SMS Strategy #1: Hyper-Individual 1-on-1

What if you had systems in place that allowed you to provide hyper-individual 1-on-1 attention to your customers via SMS?

If you haven’t already, you could open up a text line and not only accept inquiries but also proactively reach out in a show of good customer service.

Customer made a recent purchase? Check in a few weeks later to make sure they’re doing OK.

Haven’t seen a customer in a while? Shoot over a quick “Hey” and open the floor for a free-flowing Q&A to see if there’s anything they need.

Have a new piece of content you think would be super helpful to a particular subset of customers? Send over a link.

If you obsessively take care of your customers and show that you care about them, they’re likely to notice—and keep returning.

SMS Strategy #2: AI Incorporation

With the growing popularity of AI, it’s high time you start using it with your SMS campaigns if you aren’t already.

This is a very broad “strategy” and could encompass an enormous number of things.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Use one or more of the built-in AI tools in the Mobile Text Alerts platform (SmartSMS Suggest to give message suggestions, Shorten to shorten long messages, and Image Generator to create images)
  • Use AI to help brainstorm a drip campaign automated messaging flow
  • Use AI to analyze your contact list and sort them by location or custom fields you’ve created
List of 5 new SMS strategies to try in 2024

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SMS Strategy #3: Huge Incentive Opportunity

If you want to grow your subscriber list, one thing you could try is to offer something really big to one person who subscribes.

Say, a cruise, a laptop, an iPad, an all-expense-paid vacation…

Then after a period of time (or after you’ve reached your goal for number of new subscriptions), you can run a drawing for one lucky winner.

SMS Strategy #4: Gamification

Turn your SMS efforts into a game—something that would be fun for your audience.

Think about what would engage your target customer.

Is it trivia? A scavenger hunt?

Whatever it is, offer prizes for people who successfully win.

The prize could be discounts, free products, VIP access to exclusive content, or anything else of value to your audience.

SMS Strategy #5: Partner Co-Branding

Another way you could try to engage your audience would be through partnering with someone who is an authority connected to your product or service.

Then you could let that person “take over” your SMS for a campaign, and let them speak to your audience directly.

Your partner could perhaps do the same thing for you, so you generate a fresh wave of interest with your respective audiences and benefit from some cross-exposure.

What Strategies Will You Implement in 2024?

Those are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

The key is to not be afraid to try new things and see what happens.

So what new strategies will you try out in 2024?

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