Email Marketing vs SMS Marketing: Which is best to grow revenue and sales?

August 19, 2022 | By Jake Meador
Email Marketing vs SMS Marketing: Which is best to grow revenue and sales?

If you are looking to improve your marketing in order to grow revenue, there are a number of channels you might consider using.

Paid search ads on Google can be effective in many industries. Or perhaps you want to focus on more direct outreach to customers via conferences or cold calling? These methods can be effective. But they also come with a high price tag.

  • Google Ads are increasingly pricey in many industries as search verticals become more competitive
  • Cold calling is inefficient
  • Conferences cost a ton to attend, to say nothing of the costs of travel.

And all of these methods ultimately rely on getting in front of people who have never heard of you and not only getting their attention but then winning their business.

What if you could instead focus on trying to win the business of people whose contact information you already have?

Instead of broadcasting to a large, mostly anonymous audience, you could send personalized messages to a defined audience.

There are two primary mediums that allow you to do this. The first is email. The second is texting.

Email is the more familiar, but it also has fairly low engagement rates precisely because everyone uses email. Messages get sent out via email and routinely get lost in people’s inboxes or deleted without being opened.

In contrast, texting has an open rate estimated to be between 95 and 98%!

What that means is you can have a targeted audience, just as with email, and be confident of your audience actually seeing your message. There simply is no other channel out there that can match texting in this way. And this means that in the particular task of trying to grow revenue, texting beats sales in the vast majority of cases.

We have already covered one of the reasons for that: Texting posts higher open rates. But there are two other factors that also make texting a better choice.

Texting works well with scarcity as a sales tactic.

First, one of the best ways to incentivize a sale is to make it harder for the prospect to say “no.”

You can accomplish this by offering a special deal or discount that creates a sense of scarcity or urgency—act now because later will be too late!

With texting, you can be reasonably confident that when you send out the message the prospect will see it in time to act.

With email, it’s less certain. In the first place, they may not see it at all.

Second, even if they see it they may not open it in time to access the deal. So for this particular technique for incentivizing someone to buy, you’re generally far better off using texting than email.

Texting is more conversational.

No one wants to feel like they’re just a transaction.

People want to be seen as people, not as a number in a spreadsheet. So bringing a more human feel to your marketing messaging can be a great way to build trust with prospects and move them closer to a sale.

Given that, the personal nature of texting can be a really powerful sale. Approach your text marketing as a chance to start conversations with prospects.

By its very nature, texting is a two-way medium. This makes it distinct from most marketing channels. So take advantage of that.

Use texting as a way to get to know your prospects, build rapport, and better understand what it is they value and what problem they are hoping you can help them solve.

This is far easier to do with texting than with email for the reasons we have already mentioned.

So try it today. Don’t treat texting like its any other one-way marketing channel. It isn’t. And if you understand that, you can use it to help grow your business.

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