5 Texts You Should Send This Easter [2024]

March 11, 2024 | By Sam Pelton
Woman texting with Easter eggs and bunnies

When you think of Easter this year, you should think of texting.


Yes, texting.

Because for businesses and organizations, Easter presents yet another opportunity to connect with your audience—whether that’s for the purpose of boosting engagement, increasing sales, or just providing value. (Or all of the above!)

With all that in mind, here are 5 texts you should send this Easter season.

Reminders About Easter Events

Many businesses and organizations will have special Easter events.

Easter egg hunt? Community meal? Special church service?

Texting is one of the best ways to get more attendance by reminding people about these events.

Hoppy Easter! Our annual Egg Hunt starts tomorrow at 10 AM in Loradeen Park. Don't forget your basket!

Prominent Holiday Updates

Holidays often come with changes in the normal order of operations.

For example, you might have cancellations, updates in hours, office closures, or other similar changes.

Texting lets you clearly communicate these holiday updates so that everyone can be in the know and avoid confusion.

Offices will close at 5pm on Good Friday, and will close all day Easter Sunday! Enjoy time to reflect and to be with your loved ones.

Easter Promotions

With Easter comes an uptick in sales for certain types of products—such as candy, chocolate, flowers, and apparel.

And you even might run promotions to showcase these products.

Or you may run a general Easter promotion offering some kind of a discount or deal simply because there’s a holiday.

Either way, your promo can be more effective if you use text messages to help you reach people.

Flash Sale! Get 50% off Easter candy for 24 hours only! Start shopping now: [link]. Don't miss out!

Product Launches

The Easter season is a good time to start fresh with a product launch.

And texting is one way to build up to your launch and to have clear communication throughout.

Clearer communication = more successful launch.

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Showcasing Spring Products

Easter means spring, and spring means springtime products.

Products like camping equipment, gardening items, cleaning supplies, springtime apparel, pastel-colored items, outdoor sporting goods—the list could go on.

And the dawning of spring presents an easy opportunity to showcase these products (or associated promotions) via texting.

Spring is almost here! Gear up for adventure with our latest outdoor essentials. Hiking backpacks, tents, and more! Explore now: [link]

Send Easter Texts for Your Own Business

With these ideas on hand, you're ready to start engaging people via text messages this Easter.

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