5 Valentine's Day SMS Mishaps for Businesses to Avoid

February 5, 2024 | By Sam Pelton
Generic Valentine's Day text

It’s February—the season of love. ❤️

And with another season comes another opportunity for businesses like yours to connect with your audience in interesting ways.

Greater connection + seasonality = engagement and more love in the air. 😘

So how can you wield the power of SMS this Valentine’s Day to bring about opportunities for your business?

Well… here are some examples of what not to do.

Mishap #1: Generic Lovefest

If you’re too generic in your Valentine’s Day messaging, your audience might not quite “feel the love tonight.”

Saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day! Get 10% off storewide” may catch a few extra sales. But the more segmented you can be, the better.

Instead of sending out a generic message, think about if there are ways you can segment your list according to purchase history, preferences, or demographics. Then you can make the messages more specific to what your audience really cares about.

Mishap #2: “It’s All About Me”

Valentine’s Day of all days is a day to focus on someone else.

But it’s very tempting for businesses to want to talk about themselves.

Think of the subtle difference in tone between…

We’re offering the biggest Valentine’s Day deal ever!


Get the biggest Valentine’s Day deal ever!

In other words, leave out “we” and your business name from the front of sentences as much as possible. Make it about your audience and what they get.

Mishap #3: No Singles Allowed!

Have you ever thought about Valentine’s Day as a way to reach singles?

If you’re only thinking about ways to correlate to couples-related messaging or products, you could open another door of opportunities by considering how you could spin things for singles.

You could even inject some humor in there to get people’s attention…

February means it’s almost Valentine’s Day! Or Singles Awareness Day - whichever you prefer is cool. Either way you’re gonna L-O-V-E this new menu… [link]

Mishap #4: Robots in Love

If you’re only relying on automation this Valentine’s Day, you could be missing out on further opportunities.

How about hosting a live webinar or event related to Valentine’s Day to promote your product or service?

You could use SMS to drive attendance to the webinar and also to follow up with people post-webinar.

Disclaimer Mishap #5: Analysis Paralysis

This one’s called a “disclaimer” mishap because it puts all the above-mentioned mishaps in perspective.

It’s been said that perfection is the enemy of progress. So if being concerned with trying to follow all of the suggestions above (or any other marketing “rule” or suggestion) leads you to doing nothing – then forget the suggestion. (At least for now.)

You should do what works for your business at this moment.

Maybe you don’t have the time or resources to conduct the research needed to implement a particular idea. Maybe you don’t fully understand the concept and you’re concerned about making a mistake.

Don’t let those types of concerns result in taking no action.

When it comes to your business, it’s typically better to take an action that’s not fully refined than to take no action at all.

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