Paparazzi Jewelry: How to Sell & Where to Shop [2023]

July 19, 2023 (Updated) | By Jake Meador
Paparazzi Jewelry: How to Sell & Where to Shop [2023]

Are you a Paparazzi jewelry consultant? Or thinking of becoming one?

Paparazzi Accessories is a direct sales company that specializes in affordable jewelry.

While we aren’t affiliated with Paparazzi, we have had contact with many, many Paparazzi consultants.

A lot of these consultants have seen good success in selling, but many have struggled.

And there’s one tool in particular that has been a game-changer for a lot of these struggling consultants.

The Jewelry Struggle Is Real

We’ll go over what that one game-changing tool is that’s helped Paparazzi consultants.

But first, we need a bit of background.

See if the following sounds familiar…

When you got started in selling jewelry, you were hoping to bring in some extra money for you and your family.

You wanted to work with a loyal, family-friendly company that would help to improve your life and maybe your family’s too. You hoped that direct sales would bring you some greater financial security and independence.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out that way.

Selling Beyond Friends & Family

You bought in to the company but are not even close to selling off your starter package yet.

Now you feel stuck.

You made some initial sales to family members and close friends, but haven’t expanded beyond that group. And when you advertise sales events or post your jewelry on social media, no one responds.

It’s very discouraging. When no one shows up to your live sales, it makes you want to quit! You know the opportunity is there, but so far you haven’t been able to seize it—and you’re increasingly frustrated and don’t know why you’re having so much trouble. sms-live-sales.jpg

"Am I the Problem?"

Is the problem with direct sales? With your selling ability? Or is there a better way to get people to show up to your live sales?

The good news is that direct sales can be a reliable money maker for you and your family. According to the Direct Selling Association, there are nearly seven million people working in direct sales across the USA, making an average of around $5,000 annually. In a small number of cases, people make a solid five-figure income via direct sales. That said, the direct sales game is hard, which is why finding that initial success can be so difficult and draining.

Here’s the really good news: There are ways to make selling $5 jewelry easier and more lucrative.

If you want to learn more, then keep reading.

The Real Problem

Here’s something to consider: Why do people not show up to your live sales?

  1. Is it because they don’t like to shop?
  2. Is it because they don’t like jewelry?
  3. Is it because the jewelry is too expensive?

No way!

The problem is that most people do not know when you’re having a live sale. For many, it’s also difficult to find out where you are having a live sale. They think that finding your link will be too cumbersome and so many give up altogether.

But what if they could receive a link on their phone at the exact moment you’re live? How many more do you think would show up?

Mass text messaging is the answer.

Kate’s Facebook Scenario

Kate has 200 customers in her Facebook group. She announces her sale via a series of posts, Facebook events, and Messenger messages.

As a result, only 20 people actually see her messages and 5 show up. That’s a 10% view rate on Kate’s posts (this is not uncommon for many consultants, by the way!).

If all 5 of Kate’s attendees make a purchase, she’ll only make $11.25 in revenue - since consultants profit $2.25/piece of jewelry.

Kate now realizes that using Facebook for communication about her lives will not work. Her only thought is to quit her jewelry business and move on to something else.

The Power of Texting 💪

Eventually, Kate discovers mass texting. She decides to start collecting her customers’ phone numbers and text them about her upcoming live sale. 5 minutes before her event, she sends a mass text alert and includes a link directly to her live sale.

Hi BlingBabes, do you want to look fabulous for only $5? I’m hosting a live sale at 7pm on my Facebook page. I would love to have you join us for fun games and stellar prizes! Come check it out here in 5 minutes: [link]

This time, 50 people out of 200 members show up to her sale. There were 50 purchases made on that night and Kate earned $112.50 in profits!

Kate realized that if she hosts 5 sales like that, that’s an extra $562.50 in profit per month!

Kate begins to develop her text alert subscriber list even further by sending Text In Giveaway Contests, promotions, and fashion tips. She knows that if more people join her subscriber list, then more will show up to her sales and buy her jewelry.

Today she is recruiting other consultants - teaching them how to drive higher live sale attendance and she is using texting as a teaching tool with her downline.

Want this to be you?

Sending SMS = Better Jewelry Sales

That’s the power of SMS.

With Facebook, selling is a volume game. The only way to reliably produce the sales numbers you need is to have an absolutely crazy number of followers. And since most consultants will struggle to build Facebook audiences over 1000+ people, selling on Facebook is always going to be a slog.

With SMS, in contrast, it’s much more about connection. Because your open rates are so much higher than engagement rates on Facebook, you don’t need to spend tons of time worrying about how you can get that 1,000+ person audience. Instead, you can focus on connecting with the audience you already have, however small it might be.

How Bethany Uses Texting to Let Her Customers Know When She is Live

Suddenly, the problem facing your business has been turned on its head—and just by shifting your marketing focus away from social media and toward text messaging.

You’re no longer trying to compete with the A-Listers and Jetsetters in the industry. Now you’re just a small business owner with a product you want to sell—and now you have an audience that actually is engaged and wants to buy.

How Mobile Text Alerts Can Help

Mobile Text Alerts has extensive experience working with jewelry consultants like yourself. Our online software and mobile app will not only allow you to send out text messages to your entire list or to sub-groups within your list, but also includes a number of other useful features.

Here are the most popular features for jewelry consultants:

  • Send message blast
  • 2-way SMS conversations
  • Text in giveaways
  • Drip campaigns

What sets Mobile Text Alerts apart, in short, is not simply that we help you send SMS messages to your customers, but that our features are specifically geared to help jewelry consultants thrive.

Simply using SMS will improve your business dramatically. But if you combine the value of SMS with the particular benefits of Mobile Text Alerts’ features, you have something even better.

Get 50 Messages for Free

If you want to see for yourself what texting can do for your business and to try out some of our unique features, get a free 14-day trial today. There’s no credit card required. You'll get 50 messages with full account features and live chat support. That means you'll be able try it out without any risk or obligation.

For more information about Paparazzi jewelry, see below.

Note: Mobile Text Alerts is not affiliated with Paparazzi Accessories.


What Is Paparazzi Jewelry?

Paparazzi jewelry refers to jewelry items sold by the multi-level marketing company Paparazzi Accessories.

Founded by Misty & Trent Kirby and Chani & Ryan Reeve, Paparazzi is known for their inexpensive items - only $5 for each piece of jewelry. Jewelry is typically sold by independent "consultants" who are contractors, and is often sold in "live sale" or party formats.

Where to Shop for Paparazzi Jewelry?

Paparazzi jewelry is generally meant to be sold by independent retailers.

If you aren't in touch with a consultant, here are some of the top places that you can purchase the jewelry products:

How to Sell Paparazzi Jewelry

To sell Paparazzi jewelry, you simply have to purchase a starter kit here. You can use your phone for live videos and for images, though if you get really serious about your business it could be helpful to have an actual camera for product photography.

And don't forget to consider adding Mobile Text Alerts to your toolkit, to help you get the most success! Get a free test account now.

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