7 Ways to be a Successful Jewelry Consultant

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Success with Fun & Fashion

If you are a true fashionista you likely love the eye-catching jewelry and accessories. By becoming a jewelry consultant you can blend business with your love of fashion while having fun with your friends and acquaintances.

If you are just starting out or would like to increase your success here are seven tips on how to be successful as a jewelry consultant.

1. Networking Is the Name of the Game

Learning how to succeed is not difficult. In order to drive sales you will need to network.

While most companies will not allow people to sell its jewelry and accessories directly on Facebook you can use social media to network and advertise. Social media platforms are meant to allow you to connect with others.

You can use these platforms to invite your friends to your live sale jewelry parties.

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest, and
  • Other Similar Platforms

Post pictures of your new merchandise to drive interest and encourage people who plan to attend to bring others along with them. By harnessing the power of social media to network you can greatly increase your potential customer base.

2. Hold Parties Frequently

A major component of how to succeed at jewelry sales is your willingness to hold parties frequently. You should plan to have a party at least once per month. Do not hesitate to invite your friends and acquaintances including your loyal customers. You can advertise your parties on Facebook and invite people directly.

3. Keep It Personal

People are more likely to buy jewelry and accessories from you if they have personal relationships with you. Get to know the people who are on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Learn about their birthdays, children, and families. When your customers have upcoming birthdays make certain to recognize them. Message people individually when you want to invite them to your parties.

People appreciate and respond to a personal approach.

4. Start a VIP Group

You should start a VIP group on Facebook and invite your friends and customers to it. In your VIP group you can add pictures of your jewelry and accessories, sell your products, and ask for referrals for new potential customers.

Having a VIP group can help you to drive the excitement and showcase your jewelry so that you can become successful.

5. Be a Retailer

When you are a jewelry consultant you are able to buy your merchandise directly from the company at a 45 percent discount. Since all of the items cost just $5 you will actually only pay $2.75 per item. You are then able to turn around and sell them to your customers for the retail price of $5 per accessory or piece of jewelry.

It is possible to sell a lot of merchandise quickly because of how affordable they are.

To put it into perspective $5 is less than what most people pay to buy a McDonald's meal. When that $5 is spent on jewelry your customers will also have something that is beautiful and lasting. With hard work and great networking skills you can quickly build your business and sell hundreds of items per week helping you to attain financial success.

6. Consider an Online Store

Consulting companies allows you to sell their jewelry online through your free website. When you sign up as a consultant with the company you are given access to its online store. Your webpage is identified with your own consultant number. Anything that you sell from your page is credited to you.

The company then processes the order for you and ships it to the customers who purchase jewelry and accessories from your page. Your commission will then be processed and paid to you each month by either a direct deposit or a check. You will simply need to work to drive as much web traffic to your page as possible and you can do this from your VIP group and personal social media accounts.

7. Use the Power of Text Alerts

Using a text alert system is a powerful way for you to be able to keep in contact with your customers and the jewelry consultants that you sponsor. Customers and consultants who agree to receive text messages from you have already expressed interest in what you have to offer.

Text alerts are great for getting people to purchase jewelry and accessories by presenting them with specials that simply can't be passed by. Text alert systems can allow you to host pop-up parties and to notify everyone that your party is active even if they are not on social media.

A text alert system can also help you to leverage the power of promotions. You can send text blasts for your promotions. Notifying people of your promotions via a text alert system can help you to make certain that they see them and are aware of them.

You can also use text messages to sell your merchandise directly by sending photographs of the jewelry that you have just gotten in.

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