Unlocking Success: 23 Email Marketing Campaign Tips for Higher Open & Click-through Rates

June 29, 2023 | By Valentin Kuzmenko
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For businesses seeking to establish meaningful connections with their target customers in the digital realm, email marketing emerges as a powerful tool. However, simply pressing “send” is not enough to achieve genuine success in a competitive landscape. In this comprehensive guide, Andersen's team of experts unveil 23 cutting-edge email marketing tips tailored for the year 2023. These invaluable insights encompass crucial components that can significantly impact the effectiveness of your email campaigns, ranging from crafting captivating and persuasive text to mastering the art of perfect timing.

The peculiarities of email marketing

To attract more clients, businesses must become proficient in communication. Consider these key principles of email marketing to achieve impressive results.

Captivating content

Your texts should be as enticing as the things you offer. Strive to organize them logically and make them stimulating and relevant.

The efficacy of individualization

This email marketing content tip is vital to interest your followers. Writing to fit everyone’s needs, wants, and habits can enhance interaction with your business and produce remarkable outcomes.

Show an in-depth comprehension of people in your mailing list and a profound understanding of their needs. Speak their language, use names in the salutation and whenever appropriate, and opt for an informal style. Give your followers the recognition they deserve.

Strengthening customer ties

Forming stable relationships with clients is key to success. Heed any expert ideas on how to attain this aim.

These are pillars. Now, let’s look at 23 best email marketing tips that will help you reach a new level of success.

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Brilliant methods for succeeding with your campaigns

Try these email marketing tips to unlock an entirely new level of efficiency and productivity.

1. Put a personal touch on your subject lines

It's daunting to make an impression in a world overloaded with messages that sound similar or the same. Creating subject lines personalized to each person is one of the go-to email marketing tips and tricks. They attract 47% of subscribers, making them read the message.

Reach out to each subscriber on an individual level, acknowledge their unique interests, or offer rewards that match their preferences. These minor but meaningful adjustments can lead to a strong bond, proving that you acknowledge and respect everyone.

Aim to pique interest, connect with feelings, or address areas of difficulty. If a reader feels like the text was meant specifically for them, they’ll want to explore it in detail.

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2. Avoid long subject lines

Brevity in your subject line is among the best email marketing tips and tricks. Brief subject lines can catch the eye of the reader, ensure that your message is understood, and cause open rates to soar. An overwhelming majority of messages, surpassing 85%, boast short subject lines consisting of fewer than 90 characters. With every character, you ignite curiosity, evoke emotion, or present an irresistible offer that compels users to click open.

This technique not only grabs attention but also ensures optimal display across various devices.

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3. Use emojis strategically

Communication has long transcended plain text, and a new language has emerged – colorful, expressive, and universal. Emojis are a vivid way to portray feelings, give off personality, and provoke interest in a split second. Using them is an important email marketing design tip. For instance, emojinal subject lines bring in a remarkable 56% surge in open rates.

An appropriate emoji can give charm, a playful feel, or a sense of urgency. 🙂 These whimsical characters create intrigue and forge a genuine relationship. 🤝 They go beyond language obstacles and transmit messages promptly, making your communications stand out in a mass of ordinary text. 🥇

Emoji subject line suggestions

4. Split email lists up

Sorting your list into different categories depending on certain criteria can help you make more effective messages for each person.

Getting the appropriate message to the appropriate user at the appropriate time is vital. Splitting up your audience will empower you to reach more people, and help your online activities be a success. This attitude helps marketers achieve open rates that surpass the non-segmented approach by up to 15%, accompanied by a remarkable CTR increase of over 100%. Dividing your list by age, prior purchases, depth of involvement, or other relevant criteria can generate content that is very specific.

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5. Send out emails at the ideal time

In our current hectic society, success is often determined by one's ability to be timely. Your meticulously composed email should arrive in the inbox of your clients when they are most alert and enthusiastic.

Don’t think it’s a game of chance. It's all about grasping your clients’ behavior, what they do daily, and what they prefer.

The best days and times to send emails

6. Introduce A/B testing

A/B testing and constant refining is indispensable to stay ahead of the game. Put to test all the important elements to find the successful combination that your followers respond to. With this method, you can leave out guesswork and use scientific tactics for optimization.

AB test example

7. Insert power words

Utilizing power words can have a major effect on how your clientele feels, thinks, and acts. Headlines and material must immediately catch attention and arouse interest.

Choosing a writing manner that makes people feel valued, emphasizing special opportunities, or showing the advantages of your product or service leaves an impression on your listeners. The psychology of persuasion helps to activate emotional reactions and shapes user behavior.

8. Include SMS in your email marketing campaigns

Follow this email marketing tip to boost business success.

The statistics speak for themselves: 75% of consumers are open to receiving SMS messages from brands, and SMS coupons are redeemed 10 times more frequently than those delivered through other means.

Incorporate various kinds of messages into your SMS communications. Capitalize on SMS's immediacy by delivering time-sensitive updates, limited-time offers, and essential notifications.

9. Improve preview text

This element can capture people's attention, arouse curiosity, and boost open rates. Give your readers a tantalizing glimpse of the valuable data, exciting offers, or unique content that's inside. This is a teaser, a sneak peek that sparks curiosity.

Email inbox on mobile phone

10. Draw on the power of social proof

This is a vital part of any list of email marketing tips and tricks. People decide what to buy based on trustworthiness and believability.

Incorporate genuine testimonials from satisfied customers who have experienced the value of your products or services. Highlight their success stories, positive feedback, or transformational experiences.

If your company has received industry awards, certifications, statistics, or endorsements from trusted organizations, proudly display them in your texts. These visual cues reinforce your credibility and reassure clients they are in reliable hands.

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11. Embrace mobile responsiveness

Any reliable modern list of top tips for email marketing includes this point. Adapt design to mobile devices to keep your audience engaged and convert them, regardless of their location.

Imagine a client on their daily commute, scrolling through their smartphone. They notice your email and open it only to find a jumbled mess of tiny text, distorted images, and untappable buttons. Frustration builds, and in a motion of their finger, your email is erased.

For optimal email viewing on any device, prioritize mobile-friendly design, streamline your content, use a responsive framework, simplify navigation, focus on loading speed and add interactive elements.

Responsive web design vs mobile-first web design

12. Opt for clear CTAs

A CTA leads readers to the right action, like buying something, registering for a meetup, or accessing an exclusive resource. A Databox study showed that a substantial proportion of their contributors, exceeding 40%, consistently achieve a CTR range of 3-5% for email CTA prompts.

For optimal motivation, your CTAs must be unambiguous, beautiful, and practical. Be crystal clear as ambiguity is the enemy of action. Your writing must be concise and to the point so that people know exactly what you are asking them to do. It's vital to introduce phrases like “Shop Now,” “Download Your Free Guide,” or “Join the Exclusive Webinar” to ensure conversion.

Design your CTAs to draw attention, use words that motivate people to act, and provoke intrigue.

Add to cart

13. Consider urgency

Nowadays, information is abundant. So, another email marketing tip to consider – a sense of urgency that propels your conversions to new heights. By suggesting it and making the offer limited, a business can encourage users to act quickly.

Think about temporary offers, restricted access, limited inventory, and event-related deadlines. Fear of passing up an incredible opportunity will prompt your subscribers to act quickly.

Incorporate urgent language (“don't miss out,” or “last chance”) into your text to suggest immediacy.

email templates

14. Employ visual content

Incorporating images that reflect your company and elicit emotion is among the basic email marketing design tips. Bright product shots, fascinating lifestyle images, and attractive illustrations will create a powerful bond with your viewers. To strike the ideal balance, experts recommend maintaining a text-to-image ratio of 80% textual content complemented by a 20% visuals.

Utilizing clear infographics and data visualizations, you present data in an easily understandable format. Infographics add a touch of attraction and creativity to your content and make it easier to understand, so your readers are more likely to remember and share it.

Add short video clips to make emails more dynamic. Add some fun with GIFs and animations. Unlock the power of visual storytelling in conveying your message to your clients.

Most important content formats for marketers

15. Keep emails concise and succinct

This is key for enhancing involvement and getting the outcome you need.

Delete any excess, make it readable, emphasize the main points, write interesting headlines, reduce the introduction and conclusion, revise and proofread, leverage white space, and prioritize the users’ needs.

Remember, brevity is not about sacrificing important information, but rather about delivering it in a clear and efficient manner.

16. Design with scanning in mind

Arrange your text in a way that makes it simpler to read quickly. Utilizing design elements that increase readability and look great will make your message stand out and grab the attention of your readers instantly.

Begin with an attention-grabbing headline, use an easily understood structure, use concise and easily readable paragraphs, emphasize essential details with visuals, include eye-catching pictures, utilize empty space effectively, and stick to a unified branding.

joybird email newsletter example

17. Implement individual recommendations

This email marketing content tip will secure lasting relationships with subscribers and enhance your campaigns through tailored suggestions.

Explore your client data to uncover vital insights regarding their needs, purchases, browsing habits, and demographic details. Utilize AI and ML, split up your viewers properly, utilize variable material and product advice, personalize headlines and pre-header text, and consistently refine and perfect.

Stay privacy-conscious and transparent. Your individualized suggestions must match up with what users expect and like.

18. Use social sharing buttons

A list of email marketing campaign tips would be incomplete without this point. Adding social media sharing buttons can open up an entire network of social media platforms and let your followers represent your business. A single click can make your message reach a much larger group of people, broadening the influence of your campaign outside your current set of followers.

By using these elements to share a motivating quote or eye-catching image, you can get people to spread your message and bring awareness and recognition to your company.

Social sharing buttons

19. Monitor and analyze metrics

Thorough metrics analysis is a vital tip for successful email marketing campaigns. Analyzing the data carefully and keeping a close eye on it can give you the knowledge you need to make sound decisions and guarantee the best possible outcomes.

You must keep close tabs on vital rates (see the picture below) and segmentation analysis. Companies that need email marketing tips for beginners should prioritize this one. You can never measure a success without knowing exact figures.

Graphs detailing email engagement

20. Implement cart abandonment notifications

If a person visits your online store, looks through your attractive products, adds them to the cart, and then doesn't finish the purchase, it's a discouraging situation. But fear not! Cart abandonment notifications give you the power to reclaim those missed chances and contribute to your eCommerce success. Among email marketing campaign tips, this one is of special importance.

Send your notifications promptly, while the shopper's interest is still fresh. Feature the abandoned items in texts, including their names, images, and relevant details. Entice recipients to return and complete their purchase by providing a compelling incentive. This offer might involve a discounted price, no delivery costs, or a special offer.

Cart abandonment notifications

21. Use retargeting

Retargeting helps you re-establish contact with clients, rekindle their enthusiasm for your business, and direct them back to conversion.

Use automated triggers to detect and contact website visitors who have exhibited particular behaviors or accomplished certain actions. Come up with an individualized and special subject line that will capture their attention, show them what they missed, or is tailored to their individual interests. Personalize your messages to match each individual's online activities, preferences, or products that were overlooked. Take away any doubts that could have prevented them from converting.

22. Consistently clear out your email list

Having a high subscriber count is less important than having quality content. Too many inactive or disinterested people can reduce your numbers and negatively affect your campaign's success rate. Cleaning a list is an essential tip for successful email marketing campaigns. Exclude those who have lost interest, making sure that your offerings are only targeting those who are genuinely attracted.

ISPs are monitoring engagement data closely. If a business has a high number of people leaving the website quickly or not engaging with the content, it may be an indication that the messages have little value, resulting in them being sent to spam folders or being blocked.

Remove those who haven't been active for some time, so you can focus your efforts on those who are interested and more likely to purchase.

23. Try out different sending frequencies

Each client is unique, so there is no single approach that will work for all. Test out different send frequencies and be open to experimenting to see what resonates most with your followers.

People may have different reactions to various send frequencies, so personalizing your strategy can lead to more accurate results. Evaluate how engagement changes depending on the days of the week and times of day. Examine open rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribe rates for similarities and differences. These insights will enable you to make decisions based on data and adjust your strategy.

And one more email marketing campaign tip related to this – avoid message fatigue. Keep your brand awareness high while also respecting the inbox of your subscribers.


Businesses armed with these top tips for email marketing have the power to skyrocket their open and click-through rates. Personalization, segmentation, optimization, and automation strategies all serve an essential purpose in gaining and holding subscribers’ attention and creating significant engagement.

So, take a deep dive into the data, don't be afraid to try new things, and witness your campaigns reach unprecedented heights. Remember, every click starts with an open, and every open holds the potential for a lasting connection. Happy emailing!

Valentin Kuzmenko is Chief Commercial Officer and VP of Sales for Andersen Lab. He works in close cooperation with customers to define, craft, and improve high-performing software solutions across numerous industries.

Note: The claims and data points in this guest post were independently researched by Andersen Lab and have not necessarily been verified by Mobile Text Alerts.

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