25 Auto Response Text Examples for Your Business's Growth

January 5, 2023 | By Sam Pelton
Woman receiving auto response text

Automated texting combines 2 powerful tools.

With automation comes the potential to get better productivity, free up resources, and even give your customers a more user-friendly experience.

With texting comes the potential to reach more people and see better engagement with your messaging.

Mix these 2 concepts together and you’ve got a recipe for success, if done right.

So how can you take advantage of “auto response texting” for your business? What even is an auto response text? And how can you use it?

We’ll walk you through all of that here.

That way, you can start using the power of both of these tools together to make your business as strong as possible.

What Is an Auto Response Text?

An auto response text is a text message that automatically sends after a particular action is taken. This “action” often involves the recipient having submitted a text message to a business number, triggering an auto response back.

An auto response text gives businesses a way to send messages to their customers without having to manually be involved in every interaction.

Why Set Up an Auto Response Text?

Automation is a must in our current business culture.

It’s just not feasible or scalable to try to manually do everything.

Businesses already know this when it comes to other communication avenues.

For example, 82% of marketers use automation to create triggered emails. Social media is quite a bit lower but still substantial at 44%.

But by and large, businesses have yet to catch on when it comes to automating their SMS - only a quarter of marketers use automation for SMS marketing.

And this means businesses are missing out on automating that famous 98% read rate - which is really quite a mind-blowing figure when you think about it!

Auto response texts give you a way to harness the effectiveness of texting in a hands-off way that frees up your time and hassle.

So you can focus on growing your business while SMS works its magic!

Below are some ways you can get better productivity and provide a better customer experience through automated texting.

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Auto Confirmations and Follow-Ups…

Welcome New Subscribers

An auto response allows you to welcome new subscribers who sign up for your text alerts, as soon as they sign up.

This initial text could have many purposes…

1) The initial auto text could be a simple “welcome” with instructions for how the subscriber can opt out

Welcome to the MTA text alerts! Reply STOP at any time to opt out

You’re in! Thanks for joining our text alerts! Text STOP to unsubscribe

Congrats! You’re now part of the text club. Text STOP to stop

2) The initial auto text could confirm expectations for what kinds of texts your subscriber will receive, and how often he or she will receive them

Thank you for subscribing to Katie’s Korner Boutique text alerts! You’ll receive 2-3 texts monthly with can’t-miss deals and exclusive offers just for text club members! Look out for your first deal within 1-2 weeks.

Hey, welcome to JML’s text alerts! You’ll be the first to know about new inventory and unbeatable sales. Don’t worry, we’ll typically only send 1-2 texts per month, so we won’t spam you! :) Feel free to reply with any questions.

Thanks for joining Henri’s coaching alerts! You’ll get 1 text per week with a simple and actionable tip to improve your business that week. You’ll get your business up to your target goals in no time! You can do this.

3) The initial auto text could give the subscriber an immediate benefit - such as a discount on their next purchase or a free item

You did it! You’ve joined The Eatery’s text club and have earned a free entree on your next visit! Just show this text within the next 30 days to claim your free reward.

Thanks for joining The Bashful Bowtie’s text alerts! Get 20% off 1 item of your choice. Follow this link to redeem this offer: [link]

You’re in! As a thank you for joining our text alerts, get a free pair of designer socks on us. Show the cashier this QR code on your next visit to redeem: [link]

4) The initial auto text could guide the subscriber through next steps

Excited to have you on my business coaching journey! Our first webinar will be on [date] - check your email ahead of time for your worksheet.

You’re now a full member of The Copywriting Master! Your next step is to submit an initial draft for review. Type it up and send the link to your document here: [link]

Welcome! To confirm your subscription to World News, click here: [link]

Customer Support Follow-Ups

Auto response texts allow you to give people a better customer support experience. That’s because your customer can get a response right away rather than having to wait for a live person to be available.

You can use an auto response to let them know you’ve received their message, and to give them expectations for when they might receive a response back.

Thank you for your inquiry! Someone will get back to you ASAP. Our office hours are 8am-6pm M-F.

We received your text and will get back to you during office hours. Thanks for your patience!

Your inquiry has been successfully submitted. You’ll receive a response within 1-2 business days.

Although we would recommend engaging with customers via 1-on-1 texting if they try to reply to your texting campaigns, we realize that not everyone has the bandwidth to monitor these text replies.

In situations like that, you can use an auto response text to let customers know that replies aren’t monitored. Then you can also direct them to the proper channel to get in touch with you.

Replies are not monitored. Please email support@mta.com, or call (402) 718-8843 with any questions.

This phone number does not accept replies. Please contact support@mta.com, or call (402) 718-8843 if there’s anything you need.

Replies not monitored. Reach out via the live chat box at [link] if you have any questions.

Customer Service Flows

In addition to having a simple “out of office” auto response text, another option is to set up a “chatbot” (of sorts) via SMS.

You can set up a series of automated messages triggered by a library of keywords that you designate.

For example…

Thank you for texting in to Harrison Appliances! Reply SUPPORT for customer support info, APPOINTMENTS for maintenance appointment availability, HOURS for store hours, or LIVE to wait for a live representative.

Sales Follow-Ups

Auto response texts allow you to get in touch right away when sales prospects text into your phone number.

That way, you don’t leave these prospects waiting and can have a way to engage with them while they’re warm and interested.

You can use this as an opportunity to give them info on the benefits of your services, or answer frequently asked questions.

Thanks for texting in! A sales rep will be with you shortly. In the meantime, check out these articles on [topic related to your product] - [link]

Purchase / Delivery Confirmations

You can connect a texting platform with your CRM to automatically send out purchase / delivery confirmations.

Then when your customer makes a purchase with you, they’ll receive an auto response text confirming that the purchase was successful (or that the item has been delivered).

Thank you for your purchase! Click here to view your order: [link]

Auto Reminders…

Appointment Reminders

Auto texting can help reduce no-shows to your appointments.

And that’s a win for everybody!

A simple reminder or 2 before your scheduled appointment can go a long way to helping your client remember to show up.

Reminder - Your appointment with Janene is today at 1:15pm. Please click here if you need to reschedule: [link]

Webinar Reminders

Webinars are a popular means of providing info, generating sales leads, and promoting a product or service.

But webinars aren’t of much value if no one shows up.

Text reminders help you get the highest show-up rate possible for your webinars.

You can automate these reminders and watch your webinar attendance rise. (Automation is particularly easy if you use Zoom or GoTo for your webinars.)

The 'How to 2x Your Sales in 2 Weeks' webinar starts in 10 minutes! Here’s the link: [link]

Other Event Reminders

Auto response texts are an easy way to get more attendance for any kind of event.

Whether it’s a sales event, a work event, a community event…

What’s the point of running it if people don’t come?

Use SMS to send automated event reminders so that your events can have the impact you’re looking for.

Jordan Jacobson’s conference on “How to Close the Sale” starts TODAY at 10am @ the Hilton downtown. Come ready to take notes! See you there!

Invoice / Payment Reminders

Sometimes customers just don’t pay you.

And it’s awkward.

But more than that, it hurts your bottom line.

Sending auto text reminders can help you actually get paid.

(You can do this in conjunction with your invoicing software or with an Excel invoice template to help make the reminders as effective as possible.)

Friendly reminder that your invoice was due on [date]. Click here to view and pay the invoice: [link]

How Do You Set Up an Auto Response Text?

Setting up these types of automatic texts typically requires 1 of 2 things:

  • An SMS platform/mobile app
  • An SMS API

Here’s how both of these work.

SMS Platform

An SMS platform like Mobile Text Alerts lets you create automatic replies via methods such as…

  • Keyword-triggered replies
    • These allow you to set up specific “keywords” or “smart replies.” When people text in these words, they receive an automatic message that you designate.
  • Confirmation replies
    • These allow you to set up an automatic message to go out anytime someone replies to any of your texts.
  • Scheduled messaging
    • These allow you to schedule text messages for specific dates/times.
  • Drip campaigns
    • These allow you to set up a series of automated messages to go out over a period of time.
  • Integrations
    • These allow you to hook up to other software that you use, so that you can trigger automatic messages based on specific events, such as a product purchase or an abandoned cart.
      • Integrations within Mobile Text Alerts are primarily handled through the integration site Zapier.com, so you’re able to connect with thousands of different software.

The setup involves creating an online account and then typing out the auto response text in the appropriate place within the online platform.


If you want more flexibility in setting up your auto texts, and if you have developing abilities available on hand, you can use an SMS API.

API allows you to program and set up your own integrations, so that you can customize the conditions for when automatic text messages are triggered.

You just need an account with an SMS API service, and the developing know-how to follow the API documentation.

Many SMS platforms will come with API included, although some SMS services are API-only.

If you’re able, an SMS API is definitely the best way to go in regards to setting up the auto response texts you’re hoping to send.

Get an SMS Platform / API to Set Up Your Own Auto Response Texts

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