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How SMS Tools Improve Real Estate Communication

Texting is the fastest and most effective way to reach people when they’re on the go. Real estate businesses are using SMS to send:

  • 2-Way Conversations
  • Event Announcements
  • Office Updates
  • Meeting Reminders
  • HR Notices
  • Training Opportunities

Drive up participation, morale, and team performance by sending messages that people will actually see and pay attention to.

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Send 50 Free Messages

Send 50 Free Messages

Send notices agents actually pay attention to - Can’t beat a 99% read rate!

Use a Dedicated Phone Number

Use a Dedicated Phone Number

Make things simple and professional with a dedicated phone number for texting agents.

Enjoy Full Access to Platform and App

Enjoy Full Access to Platform and App

Easily give everything a try right away - No credit card or obligations required.

Improve Engagement and Efficiency in Communicating with Agents

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Scheduled Messages

Easily schedule out the messages you’d like to send to agents at your convenience.

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MMS (Picture Messages)

Draw more attention and encourage more engagement with your messages by including images and graphics.

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Group Segmentation

Conveniently organize your contact list into segmented groups (such as “agents,” “staff,” “board members,” etc.) to send targeted and relevant messages.

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Existing Contact Lists

Easily load in an existing contact list from your current database so that you don’t have to start from scratch.

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Message Templates

Save time and hassle by saving message content so that you can conveniently send the same message again in the future.

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Mobile App

Maximize convenience even further by taking advantage of the mobile app for texting and account management on the go.

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"I love this app and company. Great first impressions and attentiveness. Their app and text service is so simple. I love it. I'm sticking with them for the long run. Highly recommend.
Radhame Nunez
Radhame Nunez

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