Text Reminders for Zoom Webinars & Zoom Meetings (& Samples)

October 29, 2023 (Updated) | By Sam Pelton
Text Reminders for Zoom Webinars & Zoom Meetings (& Samples)

Tired of no-shows to your Zoom meetings and webinars?

You have an awesome presentation to give or important topics to discuss, and want to get a boost in awareness (or sales) by way of a meeting or webinar.

You’re sure people would be interested in what you have to say - It may even be vital information required for people who are involved in your business or organization.

If only people would show up!

That’s when you need an effective way to send Zoom reminders. Using Zoom SMS integration, you can send text reminders to drive up attendance to your meetings and webinars.

But how?

Here we’ll go through:

  • Zoom meeting reminder text message samples
  • How Zoom Reminders Work
  • 6 Steps for Getting Started with Zoom Reminders
  • Why You Should Send Zoom Reminders
  • Other Supplemental SMS Features
  • Pricing

Zoom Meeting Reminder Text Message Samples

Here are some examples of text messages you can send for a Zoom meeting or webinar reminder...

Mark your calendar! The "How to Build the Perfect Resume" webinar is on [date]. You'll get invaluable insights that will help you for the rest of your life. See you there!

Don't forget! The mandatory health and safety Zoom meeting is today at 11am. Join here: [link]

Just 5 minutes left until the "5 Steps to Financial Freedom" webinar begins! You don't want to miss it! Check it out here: [link]

General Meeting Reminder Text Message Samples

As a side note, while the above templates addressed both Zoom meetings and Zoom webinars, you may also want to send reminders for meetings that aren't specifically held within Zoom.

Here are some examples and templates:

Hi [Name], this is a friendly reminder for your meeting with [Name] on [Date] at [Time] in [Location].

[Name], your meeting with [Name] is starting in 30 minutes!

Reminder - The monthly team meeting is at [Time] today in the Conference Room. Please check your email for agenda items and come prepared.

Don't forget about our team meeting today at [Time]! We'll be discussing [Topic] and [Topic].

Your one-on-one meeting with me is starting in 30 minutes!

How Zoom Reminders Work

So how do Zoom reminders via a Zoom SMS integration work? Do your attendees need to pay a fee or download an app to their phone?

The answer is no!

Through a Zoom SMS integration, a Zoom meeting reminder (or webinar reminder) is sent directly to someone’s phone as a regular text message.

Zoom reminder example

Sent Directly to People’s Phones

Now it’s possible that maybe you’re one of those hyper-organized people - you know, the ones with daily agendas filled to the minute, about a dozen to-do lists, and eight or ten (or more) Google calendars synced up to help you manage your schedule.

It’s also highly possible that you’re one of the many people who don’t schedule anything ahead of time and just go with the flow, taking life as it comes.

More than likely, you’re somewhere in between these two extremes. But in any case, the audience for your Zoom meeting or webinar could be anywhere on the spectrum of these personalities.

And despite someone’s personality type, there’s one thing that’s undeniable: we all benefit from reminders. Whether we’re a highly organized person who plans these reminders for ourselves ahead of time, or we’re a non-planner, most of us have busy schedules and busy lives, and reminders help bring things back to our attention.

There’s something else that’s undeniable: texts are a great way to send out a Zoom meeting reminder (or Zoom webinar reminder).

Think about it: what’s the one method of communication you pay attention to more frequently than anything else?

Odds are, it’s your text messages.

So then, if people all have busy lives and could benefit from extra reminders, and if text messages are the method of communication to which we pay the closest attention, what’s the best way to drive up attendance to your Zoom meetings and webinars?

The answer: Zoom reminders received directly as a text to people’s phones via a Zoom SMS integration.

Software Requirements

Setting up Zoom reminders via a Zoom SMS integration doesn’t require any development knowledge or much skill with technology.

There are only two requirements in order to get this set up:

Mobile Text Alert's Zoom Integration

As long as you have both of those, the whole process can essentially be automated from an online platform.

Next we’ll go into the specific process of how you can do that - how you can get a Zoom meeting reminder integration set up so that you can drive up attendance to your meeting and webinars.

6 Steps for Getting Started with Zoom Reminders

Step 1: Set Up Your Meeting or Webinar

The first step in setting up your Zoom reminders is obviously to schedule your meeting or webinar within Zoom.

zoom meeting setup

NOTE: Ask Your Participants for Their Phone Number

Make sure that you make “phone number” as a field on the registration form for your webinar. That way, people will have the option to input their phone number when signing up, so that they can receive the Zoom meeting reminder or Zoom webinar reminder.

For Zoom Meetings, you'll need to require a registration form in your meeting. After you create your Zoom Meeting, edit the Registration settings at the bottom of the Meeting settings page and ask your registrants to enter their phone number when they register in the Questions section.

zoom meeting settings
zoom meeting phone number settings

For Zoom Webinars, the process is similar. After setting up a webinar, you can edit the registration form questions and make sure the "phone number" question is on the form. See this help article Customizing Webinar Registration for more information.

Step 2: Connect Your Zoom Account

Once you have your meeting or webinar scheduled within Zoom, you can connect your Zoom account to an SMS platform via a Zoom SMS integration.

Mobile Text Alerts allows you to connect directly with Zoom so you can easily automate the process for Zoom reminders.

After you’ve set up an account with the Zoom SMS integration service, you can simply click a button within the platform to connect with your Zoom account.

zoom integration in mobile text alerts platform

Step 3: Set Up Your SMS Workflow

Now that you’ve connected with your Zoom account in your SMS integration service, it’s time to set up the workflow of reminder and follow-up texts you’d like to send.

In this workflow, you can have a message sent right away when people register, and set up as many reminder and follow-up texts as you want.

Here’s an example workflow:

  • A welcome text immediately upon registration
  • A reminder text one hour before your meeting or webinar
  • A reminder text five minutes before your meeting or webinar
  • A follow-up text 90 minutes after your meeting or webinar

The timeline and content of these Zoom reminders is totally customizable.

If you don’t need any follow-up messages, you could only have reminder texts, for example. Or perhaps you just want one Zoom meeting reminder to go out, so you could remove the others. Or maybe you want more follow-up messages after your meeting or webinar is over.

The next step in sending Zoom reminders is simply to share the registration link for your meeting or webinar with your intended audience.

zoom registration link

zoom registration link

If they register, they’ll automatically be placed into the Zoom meeting reminder workflow through your Zoom SMS integration.

Your registrants will thus be sent all of the automated reminder and follow-up messages you set up.

Having these reminders show up right on their phones will really boost up your meeting/webinar attendance, and a follow-up text or two after the fact will help drive people to whatever action you’d like them to take.

(A follow-up action may be something like purchasing a product or service, filling out a form, taking a survey, or anything else you’d like your registrants to do after participating in your meeting or webinar.)

Step 5: Analyze the Results

As you know, it’s always prudent to analyze the results of any project.

A Zoom meeting reminder or webinar reminder campaign can be analyzed in two different ways:

  • By simply comparing attendance rates before and after the reminders were implemented
  • By using Link Tracking within your Zoom SMS integration platform to see who specifically is clicking on your reminder and follow-up links

Having analyzed the results of your campaign to drive up attendance for your meeting or webinar, you can then make decisions about whether any modifications need to be made to your workflow or methods.

Step 6: Watch Your Attendance Soar

Upon analyzing the results of your Zoom reminder campaign (see step 5), you’ll likely see a huge boost in attendance to your Zoom meeting or webinar.

So you can relax and enjoy the benefits of this increase, whether that means better communication for your staff, fewer no-shows to appointments, an increase in sales for your business, or anything else you may be trying to accomplish through your Zoom events.

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Why You Should Send Zoom Reminders Via SMS

Zoom Reminders Work!

We’ve already discussed how reminders are important in the midst of our busy schedules, and how texting is the most effective method of communication.

Here are some stats to back that up:

Why Use Text Alerts - 3 reasons infographic

Below is a specific example of how Zoom reminders could help boost attendance to a meeting or webinar.

Case Study: PIP University

Heather Yurko owns a business called PIP University.

heather yurko profile picture

PIP University offers courses to help salon owners revolutionize their businesses and escalate their profits.

Heather decided to give text reminders a try as a way to drive up attendance to a live webinar, one of the purposes of which was to promote her services to potential clients and convince them to book a call with her.

On her very first webinar, Heather landed an impressive 399 registrations for her webinar, and over half of these registrants ended up actually attending.

That’s a 51% show-up rate - a staggering difference from the average 16% show-up rate for attendees to marketing webinars!

Results of SMS reminders for webinars

Heather was able to use link tracking analytics to determine that 158 additional registrants viewed the replay link in the follow-up text.

This means that, in total, 91% of Heather’s registrants ended up viewing her webinar!

Out of all of these attendees, she received several call bookings with a total sales potential of $90,000.

3 Ways Zoom Reminders Can Help You

1. Helps You Save Time

You are hosting your meetings or webinars for a reason. You’re not just doing it for the fun of it, but because you have something important to share.

In many cases, you may put a lot of time into preparing your presentations or talking points.

But if no one shows up, all of that time is wasted. Not to mention all the timespent trying to track down the people who didn’t make it to your meeting, so that you can let them know the information they missed.

If you’re doing sales-oriented webinars, you’re also losing out on potential revenue if people don’t remember to attend. And you’re likely investing time into marketing and putting everything together for your webinar.

A Zoom SMS integration helps you to stop wasting time because it actually gets people to show up.

It saves you time because the Zoom reminders are automated! So you don’t need to manually go in and schedule all the reminder messages - You can sit back and relax as the messages send out by themselves and drive up your meeting/webinar attendance.

2. Helps You Eliminate Stress

Do you ever start to feel anxious or stressed wondering if people will show up to your meeting or webinar?

You know that feeling of nervousness that comes with the uncertainty of whether your online event will be successful or not?

A Zoom SMS integration can help, because simply sending a Zoom meeting reminder or Zoom webinar reminder via text can go a long way in driving up the show-up rate.

Thus, you can rest a little easier, knowing that your Zoom reminders will help make your meeting or webinar a success.

3. Helps You Make Money

Not only do Zoom reminders help you not waste money, they can help boost your bottom line, particularly if you’re using it for sales-related meetings or webinars.

Sending a Zoom meeting reminder or Zoom webinar reminder via SMS means more people showing up to your online event.

More people showing up to your online event means more people hearing your presentation about your product or service.

And more people hearing your presentation means more people purchasing and more sales!

Other Supplemental SMS Features

In addition to sending a Zoom meeting reminder or webinar reminder, your Zoom SMS integration platform can do so much more.


A Zoom SMS integration not only automatically collects your registrants and sends them Zoom reminders, it also groups them in specific segments.

This allows you to easily push out any additional texts you’d like to send to those who registered for your meeting or webinar.

Here are some examples of when this can be useful:

  • If you want to send a follow-up text that you forgot to add to your automated workflow
  • If you want to run some kind of new promotion or campaign to registrants of a previous meeting or webinar
  • If you want to encourage previous registrants to register for a new meeting or webinar

Scheduling Messages

Going along with the previous point about sending texts to “groups” - you can use your Zoom SMS integration service to schedule these other messages you’d like to send ahead of time.

You don’t have to be ready and available at the exact moment that you want your message to go out. Instead, you can schedule your message for a particular day and time.

And the bonus is that if you do want to send out a message immediately, you can do that easily as well.

The ability to have Zoom reminders go out automatically is further empowered by the option to track the links in your messages.

Using link tracking, you can see how many are clicking on your links and use that to help determine the success of your automated Zoom meeting reminder or webinar reminder.

Your Zoom SMS integration service will provide this feature at no additional cost.


The cost for using Zoom reminders will vary depending on several different factors:

  • How many meetings or webinars you host each month
  • How many registrants your meetings and webinars receive
  • How many reminder messages you have set up in your workflow

A Zoom SMS integration service, like Mobile Text Alerts, will be priced according to how many messages you send, and costs as little as $19 per month to get started.

Click here to view Mobile Text Alerts pricing.


The bottom line is that we live in a world of texting, and more and more we’re living in a world of Zooming as well!

So it only makes sense to combine these two powerful tools - to stop wasting time, money, and effort on meetings and webinars in which no one shows up.

Utilizing Zoom SMS integration to drive more attendance will help make sure your online meetings and webinars are a success.

So how can you be using Zoom reminders in your own life and business?

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