11 Ways Our Customers Integrate SMS Using API

May 20, 2024 | By Sam Pelton
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You just can’t do everything manually and be as efficient as you could be…

Even though SMS is highly effective in its own right—coupling it with automated integrations is the way to go to really get the most out of it.

For example…

  • Let’s say I’m starting a business and I have a free guide I’m using as a lead magnet.
  • When people sign up for this free guide, I want to be able to send them a text message thanking them for their interest and giving them the link to the guide.

While this type of approach could be effective, it’s not scalable if I have to do all of that follow-up manually.

I’d have to be constantly checking to see who signed up, and then manually send them the texts. Plus, the messages wouldn’t be instant because there’s no way I can be on top of it 24/7.

That’s where an SMS API comes in.

With an SMS API, you can integrate SMS into your workflows in customizable ways that match exactly what you’re trying to achieve.

Great in theory—but how does all of that actually look?

To help give you some concrete ideas, here are 11 ways our customers integrate SMS using an API.

(These are based on real or potentially similar use cases. Specific examples have been altered for privacy.)

Automating Messages

Automating messages is a key aspect of implementing an SMS API.

Here are some examples…

Dispatch messages to agents

[Code], [phone number], [location]

Code 47930 from 402-718-8843. Please proceed to 9071 Meyers Square.

Order confirmation messages

Your order has been submitted. You’ll receive a text message when the order is ready.

Thanks for your order! Click the link below to track your order status. [Link]

Registration confirmation messages

Thanks for registering for the '6 Figures in 6 Months' webinar! See ya soon!

Your registration was successful! Here’s your free guide: [link]

Event notification messages

Members only event live now! You’ll get some new coaching that’s not in any of the other training. Gotta join now: [link]

New webinar scheduled for May 4th at 11am PST! The topic: 'How to Keep the Human Marketing Touch in an AI World.' Register here: [link]

Account login assistance messages

[Business Name:] Here’s your PIN to access your account: 90422.

[Business Name:] Your verification code is 91043. This will expire after 1 minute.

Abandoned cart messages

Get a free Joanna Wiebe ebook if you check out within the next 30 minutes. Return to your cart here: [link]

Don't miss out! You still have items waiting in your cart at [Company Name]. Complete your order in the next 2 hours and get 10% off with code CART10. Shop now: [link]

Automating Contact Management

In addition to triggering messages per the examples listed above, managing contacts for SMS is another major use case.

Here are some examples…

  • Adding contacts to your SMS database when they fill out an online form
  • Assigning contacts to a particular SMS group (segment) when they fill out an online form
  • Removing contacts from a particular SMS group (segment) when their VIP status expires
  • Updating your SMS database when your CRM is updated

Allowing your contact management to really flow in an automated way helps you keep things synced up and running smoothly.

New! Automating iMessage

There’s now a brand new option for users to automate iMessaging via API.

That way, you can contact people via their “blue bubble” rather than relying on SMS.

This option was just released so it’s brand new and still in a beta phase.

Interested in trying it out?

Check out the API documentation and scroll to the bottom for how to get it implemented, and contact us to get started.

How Can You Integrate SMS with Your Own Workflows?

So with these examples in mind, how could you integrate SMS into your own workflows?

With the SMS API, there are so many possibilities.

Go ahead and explore the API documentation and see what you can do.

Who knows? It just might transform your processes.

Don’t have an SMS service yet? Try one for free now. (And by “try one,” we mean try ours.) 😉

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