Here's How You Can Send Birthday SMS to Your Customers

June 17, 2024 | By Sam Pelton
People celebrating a birthday and sending a birthday text message

You’re always looking for effective ways to engage with customers.

And here’s one popular way: birthday messages.

Birthday messages to your customers, containing a special offer or even just saying “we appreciate you,” are an easy way to engage with your customers on a personal level.

And sending a birthday message via SMS makes it even more personal.

So how can you send birthday SMS to your customers? Is it hard? Is it time-consuming?

Never fear!

Here we’ll do a brief walkthrough of how you can engage with your customers via birthday texts using the Mobile Text Alerts platform.

Step 1: Create a Birthday Attribute

Since birthday isn’t a default attribute in your Mobile Text Alerts account, you’ll need to add a new “Birthday” attribute.

Just go to your “Subscribers→Attributes” tab, click the “Add Attribute” button, and make sure to select “Date” as the attribute type.

Attributes popup

Step 2: Create Adaptive Groups

Once your “Birthday” attribute is set up, you can create adaptive groups under your “Manage Groups” tab.

Select “all conditions” and set it up so that “Birthday” is “between” the dates of your choice.

The simplest solution would be to create a group for each month and then send one text each month to everyone who has a birthday within that month - but you can get as granular with this as you’d like.

If you’ll just be sending one birthday text per month, you can set the dates as between the first and last date of the month, and repeat the process for each month.

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set password visible
Screenshot of adding an adaptive birthday group

Step 3: Schedule Messages

Once your groups are set up, you can schedule your birthday messages.

You can set up a message to go out at the beginning of each month to the adaptive group you set up for that month (if you decide to go the simplest route and just do it monthly).

Your message could say something like…

We heard your birthday’s coming up… Happy birthday! As our gift to you, enjoy [benefit] for the month of [current month].

Happy birthday month! Check your email for an exclusive birthday surprise from us, good for this month only.

Your birthday’s coming soon! To celebrate, get 25% off on any purchase you make this month with promo code [code].

Step 4: Make Sure You’re Capturing Birthday Data

Of course, if you want to send out birthday messages you need to be collecting your customers’ birthday data.

You can collect this data externally via whatever means you’re able and then you can import it into your Mobile Text Alerts subscriber database. Or you can collect this data directly via your Mobile Text Alerts account by using your custom sign-up form and including the “Birthday” attribute as a field on that form.

Step 5: Monitor Results

Once your birthday texts are set up and going out as expected, you can monitor the results to see how the messages are performing.

You can then make tweaks to optimize and improve performance.

Some elements you can experiment with include…

  • Overall message copy
  • Hook
  • Offer
  • CTA

Start Sending Birthday SMS to Your Customers

Now that you know the basics, you’re equipped to start sending birthday SMS to engage your own customers.

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