Business Text Message App: A Rundown for 2023

April 25, 2023 | By Sam Pelton
Business text message app concept

So you’re looking for a business text message app.

You know that SMS is a vital way to reach people in the present day and age. You know that people are on their phones constantly.

In fact, 98% of text messages are read and one study found that Americans check their phone an average of 344 times per day.

That’s astounding!

And with all of that in mind, it’s no wonder businesses are adopting business text message apps to help give their business communications a boost—whether for reaching their customers or for internal employee notices.

So here’s a rundown of the mobile business text message app Mobile Text Alerts: how it works and how you can use it.

What is a business text message app?

A business text message app is a mobile app or web app that allows you to send text messages (particularly mass text messages). These apps also allow you to manage a database of texting contacts and monitor your texting campaigns.

What is Mobile Text Alerts’ message app?

The Mobile Text Alerts app for iOS and Android is a mobile app tied to the web platform of the same name.

The app is free to download and uses the same centralized database as the web platform, so you can use your same login information regardless of if you log in via the app or via the website.

The app allows you to send messages and manage contacts for your business from the convenience of a mobile app on your phone.

How to send messages from a business text message app

First, you’ll download the app on your phone or tablet. Then the process of sending messages is really quite easy.

Step 1: Add Contacts (Subscribers)

The first step is to add contacts into your texting database so that they can receive your messages.

There are 3 ways to add contacts from the mobile app.

Adding Manually

The simplest way to add contacts is to add individual contacts manually. You can do this under a “Subscribers” tab within the app.

You just tap to add and then fill in the information. Once you click to “add,” the new subscriber will be added immediately.

Add subscriber

Importing Your Contact List

You can also add in all of your phone’s contacts automatically. You can do this within the “Subscribers” tab as well.

Import contacts

Doing this will load in all of the contacts from your phone—you’ll just need to select "YES" (or “OK”) on the prompt for the app to access your contacts.

Import contacts confirmation

Using Text-to-Join

Your mobile app account will come with a free phone number. Anyone can send a text into your account’s phone number, and they will be automatically added as a contact on your subscriber list.

This makes it really easy for people to sign up for your text list.

You can also set up “keywords” that people can text into your account’s phone number—when people text in these particular “keywords,” they can be automatically added to a specific segmented group on your account.

Keywords also allow you to set up a particular “auto-response” welcome message to be sent to the recipient when the text in that particular word.

You can view and manage your keywords from the “Keywords” tab within the app.

Add keyword

There are other ways to add contacts from the web app or via API as well, including:

  • Importing a spreadsheet of contacts
  • Automatically generated QR codes
  • A customizable web sign-up page
  • Custom programmable integrations
  • No-coding-required integrations (via

Step 2: Send Messages

Once you have contacts loaded in, there are a couple different ways you can send messages.

Sending/Scheduling Manually

To send a message manually, you can go to the “Send a Message” tab within the app.

Here you can select when you’d like your message to be sent, who you’d like to be the recipients for your message, and what content you’d like to include in the message.

Send a message

Then you just click “Send.”

When sending messages, there are some other actions you can do as well:

  • You can attach images to include in your messages (MMS)
  • You can save message templates so that you can create pre-filled messages without needing re-type out all of the content again
  • You can insert each recipient’s first name automatically into your messages
  • You can shorten links, making it easier to include them in text messages

Responding Individually

If anyone replies to your messages, their responses will show up in your “Inbox.” From your Inbox, you can then quickly send a response back as appropriate.

You can include images, shortened links, and other features in your response.

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set password visible
Responding individually

What else can you do with a business text message app? (Groups, Administrators, Reporting)

In addition to simple acts of adding contacts and sending messages, there’s a lot more you can do with text message apps as well:


In order to make your messages as relevant as possible, it’s recommended that you organize your contact list into segmented groups based on common characteristics. (For example, VIP customers vs. past customers vs. sales prospects. Or it could be based on demographics such as gender, age, or location.)



More than likely, your business has more than one person that you’ll want to be in charge of sending messages.

Your mobile app allows you to add as many administrative users as you’d like. You can assign them different levels of permissions, so you can give them full access, or only access to sending messages, or only access to send to specific groups.

Edit administrators


A “Sent Messages Report” allows you to view delivery reporting—you can see which messages you’ve sent, who they were sent to, and who did or did not receive that message.

Other reporting you can view within your app's dashboard includes how many messages you’ve sent during your current billing cycle, as well as how many subscribers you’ve added or lost.

Sent message report

Referral Commission

One more thing you can do with your business text message app is get commission from any new customers you refer to Mobile Text Alerts.

All you need to do is share the referral link, and anyone who signs up for an account using your link will be tracked as your referral. Whenever your referral makes a payment, you’ll receive 20% of the revenue for that purchase.

Referral Commission

With all of these different options in your app, possibilities are endless for what you can do with it in order to benefit your business.

How else can a business text message app benefit businesses?

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of a business texting app and how they can help businesses improve their communication strategy and drive sales.

Improved Communication

According to one study, only 7% of businesses rate their communication as “excellent,” despite 99% of consumers reporting that they want businesses to communicate well with them.

Everyone knows how important communication is. The trick is actually doing something to improve it.

Text messaging is a fast and efficient way to communicate with both customers and employees. So using a texting app can help businesses improve their communication strategy and ensure that their messages are seen and acted upon quickly.

Increased Engagement

According to Gallup, “Successful engagement of customers contributes to 23% of the revenue increase in businesses.”

In other words, you want (and need) engaged customers. Unengaged customers will likely churn out or won’t become repeat customers.

Since text messaging has a higher open and response rate than email and other communication methods, it’s a more effective way to engage with customers.

By using the Mobile Text Alerts app, businesses can improve their engagement rate—which in many cases means more sales.

Improved Customer Support

Gladly reports, “62% of customers will recommend a brand to a friend because of great service.

Customer service is the heartbeat of any business—it can make it or break it. So any way you can improve customer service is something to seriously look into.

Two-way communication and automated messages can help businesses improve their customer support and resolve issues quickly.

This improvement in customer service could be greatly enhanced by also incorporating an in-app chat API and SDK platform in addition to SMS, such as the one provided by Sendbird or Zendesk. This kind of technology ensures streamlined and efficient conversation within business apps, thus providing instant help to the users.

Quicker resolution means better customer satisfaction. And better customer satisfaction means stronger customer loyalty.

Increased Sales

We mentioned this briefly already, but by using the Mobile Text Alerts app to promote special deals and offers, businesses can drive more sales and increase their revenue.

Some business owners see their sales doubled by implementing texting. Some have even seen a 10x growth in their business.

How can it see results like that? Because you’re sending messages that people actually see and pay attention to.

The app’s analytics and reporting tools can also help businesses refine their strategy and improve their results over time.

How can a business use a texting app?

There are almost endless potential uses for a business texting app—as many uses as there are reasons to communicate.

Here are just a few…


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How to get started with a text message app for your business

To get started using a text message app for your business, you first just need to download the Mobile Text Alerts app for free and start your free trial.

The app is available both for iOS and Android.

Download it now and see how a texting app can be a wonderful asset to your business!

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