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How to Simplify Your Life as a Business Owner Using an Internal Text Alert System

Learn how Edie Anne streamlined communication & improved her bottom line using a simple text alert system.

Benefits of Mass Texting

One of the biggest benefits to texting is that it is a versatile medium that you can use for practically any form of short business communication. While texting is enormously powerful for marketing purposes, it’s also a great internal communication tool.

Edie Anne, a long-time independent consultant with Scentsy (check out her website here), recently talked with us about how she uses SMS as part of her internal communications strategy with her team of sellers.

I am always looking for tools that help simplify my life as a consultant - and one of the tools that I’ve come across that has done that is Mobile Text Alerts.

Meeting Reminders

With my team, it allows me to set up texts so that I can remind them about meetings or maybe set up times when they can see me at our conventions.

Onboarding Texts

She also uses SMS drip campaigns as part of her onboarding process when she brings new consultants on to sell for her.

For new team members, I have what I call my onboarding texts. Once they’ve signed on, I send them our drip campaign. It will send them a text every day for seven days with tools and tips and tricks and training and videos of things they should do to start their business.

2-Way Conversations

By handling the onboarding process via two-way SMS, it frees Edie Anne up to do other things:

I can be much more available to them with any questions and answers that I can provide.

Customer Specials & Notifications

Edie Anne also uses texting with her customers.

With customers, I utilize it to send out specials that I might be having or new product releases.

She’s able to do this through a variety of methods, including sending pictures by using MMS messages, and through SMS hyperlinks, which allow her to link to videos.

A Huge Time Saver

Additionally, because Mobile Text Alerts allows her to send bulk SMS messages to a large list, it’s a huge time saver that also makes her much more efficient in her business.

It allows me to be more effective in my training and coaching and being a consultant rather than messing with the technology and having to manually send texts to individual people. If you get a customer base of 200 people, it’s so much easier with one click to send 200 texts than to have to do them individually and manually. Eek! That’s very time consuming and costs a lot of money because it’s taking you away from things that you could be doing for income producing activities.

Mobile Text Alerts' Support Team

Finally, Edie Anne appreciates the unique value that Mobile Text Alerts’ customer support team provides.

Probably one of my favorite things is the fact that they have such amazing customer service. Sometimes I think I might drive them a little bit crazy because I’m constantly trying to think outside the box, but they are game for it. They’re ready, they’re able, they allow for multiple questions a day, which I do a lot… (I know) I’m not going to be brushed aside.

Get Started

If you have a direct sales business, then sign up for a free trial today and use texting to simplify and improve your business!

Here’s what you get with a free 14-day trial:

  • 1 keyword
  • 1 dedicated number
  • 50 messages
  • Live chat support
  • Full account access

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