5 Ways You Could Be Automating SMS Processes Right Now: 2024

May 8, 2024 | By Sam Pelton
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Automation is how you scale.

You might have a tool or a process that's effective…

But if you don’t have a way to automate it, you may find yourself stuck with limited time and not much room to grow.

At the very least, without automation, you’re not as efficient (or effective) as you could be.

So how can you automate your SMS processes?

Here are 5 ways you could be automating your SMS processes right now…

  1. Auto-Replies

The first way you can start automating your SMS processes is to set up auto-replies. These are automatic text messages that are triggered when someone sends a text message to your business’s SMS phone number.

In the Mobile Text Alerts dashboard, you can create a few different types of auto-reply messages:

  • Default reply—this is the reply message that sends out when someone responds to one of your text messages
  • New subscriber reply—this is the reply message that sends out when someone not currently in your SMS database texts you
  • Smart Replies—these are reply messages that send out when someone texts in a specific word

  1. Scheduled Messages / Recurring Messages

If you have a specific date and time you’d like a message to go out, you can schedule that message ahead of time so that it goes out automatically.

With this, you can also set up scheduled messages to send out on a recurring basis at the frequency that you’d like it to be sent.

  1. Drip Campaigns

With drip campaigns, you can set up a workflow of messages and delays so that you send out a series of automated messages over specified periods of time.

This approach allows you to send out a whole series of messages without spelling out the exact dates—instead, the message workflow is triggered according to whenever the recipient enters your SMS group.

  1. Integrations

If your SMS platform can integrate with the other software you currently use, this can be huge for making your processes as smooth as possible.

Some examples of useful software to integrate with your SMS platform would include…

  • Your CRM
  • Your website builder
  • Your landing page builder
  • Your social media account
  • Your ecommerce store platform

Even if the SMS platform doesn’t integrate directly with the software you use, you may be able to use the third-party integration site Zapier to set up an integration.

  1. API

If you have development resources and want more robust integrations (therefore allowing you more robust automations), APIs are your friend.

With an API, your options are wide open for the kinds of connections you can set up.

As long as you have the manpower (or you can outsource the manpower), you’re able to customize your SMS processes to what you need according to the API documentation that’s available.

How Can You Automate Today?

Which automation option makes the most sense for your needs and situation?

If you’re interested in scaling (or at least freeing up some of your time!), select one of the above mentioned options and give it a try for yourself this week.

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