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Stop sending emails that aren't read. Use our online text service to drive up your revenue.

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Tired of Low Email Rates?

Emails have a 20% average open rate. But text messages have an average open rate of 99%! Stop sending emails, and start sending SMS marketing messages.

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Don't Want to Leave Money on the Table?

Use link tracking to see which customers are actually following the sales links in your SMS advertising so you can monitor your return on investment.

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No Time to Waste?

Log in once and schedule all future text messages to say what you want, when you want.

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Not Technically Inclined?

Our customer support team is skilled in customer communication and helping you become an expert.

Bulk Texting with easy two-way communcation

Bulk Texting with Easy Two-Way Conversation

Does your customer have a question? Or maybe you need a confirmation of purchase? No worries! Their message reply is free AND you can carry on an individual conversation with our two-way conversation feature. Learn More About Message Replies.

MMS Picture Messaging - Sell Your Products in Pictures

Did you get new inventory that you want to show off? A sale that you're running on a great product? An event that you need customers to be aware of? Power your message with an image! Show them your inventory, your product on sale and your event flyer. Learn more about MMS Picture Messaging.

MMS Picture Messaging - Online Texting Service

Online Texting Service Mobile App Software

Mobile App - Text Message System in Your Pocket

Just like opening your phone's text messaging app and sending a text to your family, open our app and send a text to your customers! Mobile Text Alerts is at your fingertips, anywhere you are.

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"We absolutely love Mobile Text Alerts. Not only does it reach hundreds of people to alert them of our feature for the week, but it gives them the ability to click on the link that we attach to preview our lists. Very happy with this service and highly recommend it!"

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Sate Line using text message system to grow sales

Heather Wilson

State Line, Auto Auction

Ready to Get Started with SMS Marketing?

Stop sending emails that aren't read. Use our online text service to drive up your revenue.

Subscriber Groups - Text Message System for Businesses

Create Subscriber Groups - Better Bulk SMS Personalization

Separate your subscribers into groups so you can easily create relevant SMS marketing messages! Learn more about Managing Groups.

Import Subscribers - Send Text Messages to Current Customers

Do you already have a list of contacts? Easily enter them and immediately send messages with our import feature.

Importing Subscribers - Online Texting System

"We are a healthcare facility with multiple locations. After a snow storm back in 2014, We had doctors come to work when we we were closed. We needed a way to tell everyone the same thing at one time. This software has been a game-changer. Now we use it for the "shirt of the day" on Friday, a mass text for when servers are down, or even to say "Happy Birthday!" to an employee. Great product!!!"

Low County Health Care Systems Using Text Message System

Matt Halcombe

Low County Health Care Systems, Inc

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10+ Online Texting Service Features Your Online Business Needs

Automatic Replies

Can't monitor your customers' replies? Set an automatic response to go out instead!

Sending Emails

You can send texts AND emails using Mobile Text Alerts.


Integrate with Zapier, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, ClickFunnels and more with individual API's.

Unlimited Administration

Big team? No problem! You can have as many administrators as you need.

Text-in to Subscribe

Have your customers text a single word to a 5-digit number and instantly recieve your updates.

Forward Replies

Send customer responses directly to your phone with reply-forwarding capabilities.

Text-in Giveaway

Have your customers text-in to be entered to win a prize! Our system does the rest.

Sign-up Page

Send your customers a link so they can sign up to recieve updates immediately.

Facebook Messenger

Link your Mobile Text Alerts account to Facebook and send alerts to Facebook Messenger.

Drip Campaign

When someone subscribes to your account, they will automatically receive messages from your drip campaign.


Create templates so you're ready to send messages in an instant!


Any unused messages rollover until you're able to use them!