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3 Things SMS Marketing Platforms Can Do to Target Your Messages

Segment Your List

Segment Your List

Segment your SMS list into groups so that you can send relevant, targeted messages.

Organize Contacts

Organize Contacts

Organize contacts by characteristics, location, purchase history, or any other targeted category.

Streamline Communication

Streamline Communication

Streamline your workplace communication by creating employee-based groups to send out staff alerts.

Your SMS Marketing Software: How Can You Get the Most Out of Targeted Campaigns?

With marketing, it can be hard to tell whether you’re getting a good return on your investment. You may be throwing money at different strategies and trying to analyze results, but even when you have good metrics it’s not always clear what is causing the trends within those analytics.

And yet, sometimes it is obvious that what you’re doing isn’t working!

Whichever boat you’re in - whether you’re unsure about your marketing trends, or you simply know you need to do something new - one thing is clear: Every business wants to get the most out of their marketing campaigns. No one wants to waste time and money on efforts that will yield little to no results.

One way to help ensure you’re getting the most out of your SMS marketing campaigns is to create targeted segments (we call them “groups”).

SMS Marketing Best Practices: Targeted SMS Blasts for Maximum Profit and Efficiency

Send to Groups

Send to Groups

An account at Mobile Text Alerts allows you to not only send out text blasts to your entire contact list, but also to segment your list into relevant groups.

Manage Lists

Manage Lists

Contacts can subscribe themselves to specific groups, or you can group them into appropriate segments manually on your end.

Automate Campaigns

Automate Campaigns

Once you have groups set up, you can send and schedule messages accordingly, as well as assign the groups to automated messaging campaigns.

SMS Marketing Software Available on Desktop and Mobile

Want contact management at the tap of a finger? Your segmented contact groups can be set up and managed from the full desktop control panel, or you can take advantage of the convenience of our mobile app.

Why Use SMS Marketing Software to Text Your Customers and Leads?

Higher Open Rate

Texts have an open rate as high as 99%.

Better Response

People respond to texts 5x more than emails, social posts, phone calls or any other form of digital communication.

More Conversions

The conversion rate for building loyalty and marketing lists via texts is 85-90%.

3 Benefits Targeted SMS Marketing Software Provides to You and Your Business

#1. More efficiency

Stop wasting time and money sending messages that aren’t effective because they are relevant to everyone in the audience.

What can I do with groups on SMS marketing software?

  1. Allow customers and other contacts to sign themselves up for specific segments.
  2. Add existing contacts to groups individually or collectively from the online control panel or app.
  3. Load contacts into groups by importing an existing spreadsheet with a list of phone numbers.
  4. Send or schedule messages to groups according to whatever relevant content you’d like them to receive.
  5. Assign contacts to receive automated SMS “drip campaigns” based on the groups they are a part of.
  6. Zero in on your segments by filtering your contact list to manage people within a particular group.

What are SMS marketing best practices or ways to use this?

  1. Group your customer list according to demographic information so that you market the right kinds of products and services to the appropriate people. For example, create segments according to age, gender, location, purchase history, or other pertinent info.
  2. Place sales leads into a separate group from existing customers, and send them content relevant to new purchasers.
  3. Charge a premium for “VIP status,” and put your VIP customers into their own designated group so that you can send them messages that provide a higher level of customer service.
  4. Create groups for your employees so that you can not only send marketing promotions but boost workplace productivity by alerting staff about meetings, closures, events, and announcements.

How do I start using SMS marketing platforms?

  1. Once you have a text alert account, you can get customers and sales leads to sign up for your text groups by advertising your free text-in keyword(s) or account sign-up page.
  2. For current customers, tell them to sign up for texts in order to receive the best customer service - You could provide some incentive to help persuade them to subscribe, like an entry into a drawing or a discount off their next purchase.
  • You’ll be able to assign a keyword to a specific group, so that when your customers text in that word they are automatically added to the designated group.
  • Customers can also select for themselves what group they’d like to sign up for by selecting the group from your free account sign-up page link. (Groups can be “hidden” if you don’t want them to be selectable from this page.)
  1. For sales leads, tell them they’ll receive an exclusive deal just for signing up for texts, and provide them with a keyword or that will sign them up directly to their own group.
  2. For employees or organization members, either use the keyword or sign-up page method mentioned above, or send out a consent form for them to sign; then load in their numbers manually via a spreadsheet import.

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