SMS API for Developers

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Send out text messages through the Mobile Text Alerts API.

Mobile Text Alerts SMS API

Easy to use API. Compatible with any programming environment:

  • RubyPHP
  • Python
  • Java
  • C#
  • Any Others

Our API can handle any GET requests.

Sophisticated delivery system.

Send your request and the system will send out your message regardless of carrier, or location. No need to worry about delivery issues.

Instant implementation.

No commitment, easy sign-up, straight-forward development, immediate API access.

Sample Request

Get Parameters to Send a Message

Once we receive your payment information, you will receive your unique API key

| request | send_message | | message | Text message content | | number | Phone number which will receive the message. |

How Can I Use the API?

Use the API to:

  • Send SMS/MMS messages
  • Add/remove subscribers
  • Add/remove groups
  • Add/remove subscribers from groups.-

Easily and efficiently send messages from your application to your users.

Get Started with the Mobile Text Alerts API

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