Send Mass Text Messages

Research into text messaging reports that 97 percent of SMS text messages are read by the owner of the phone. A whopping 90 percent of those messages are read within the first few minutes after delivery. That certainly can't be said for emails sent from various sources. Mass text messages to clients and customers allow businesses to stay connected with their audience in a new way.

Benefits of Mass Text Messages?

When you send mass text, your message is being transmitted instantly and 90 percent of the receivers are reading that message within a few minutes. There's no other marketing that can boast the same. With a targeted campaign, businesses can see a surge in their business.

Target Audience Effectively

When a customer or client wants to be included on the SMS text message list, they'll have to opt-in to the service. This means that the audience is engaged and interested in the promotion and marketing channel. That will also cut costs since those who aren't interested won't opt-in to receive messages.

Costs of Text Messages

It costs much less to send text messages than other marketing efforts like television or radio commercials. The costs vary depending on how many recipients are on the text list.

Trackable Messages

With your text message campaigns, you can set up analytics to track how many people opened the message and how many clicked the link. This isn't an analytic you can use with other marketing like television and radio advertisements.

Ways to Use Messaging for Your Campaign


When you send mass text, you can get coupons into the hands of people who are engaged with your brand. If you're a restaurant with an SMS campaign, you can send customers a coupon for a free appetizer that will get to them within minutes. It can bump your sales immediately.

Exclusive Offers for Loyal Customers

Loyal customers can be rewarded for being frequent customers or signing up for the messaging service with exclusive offers only available through texts. Mobile shoppers love to have exclusive deals and offers that will save them cash.

Drive Sales for Limited Items

With messages being opened so quickly, businesses can run promotions that are extremely time sensitive. A store having a sale might send mass text to customers detailing how many items are left. It creates a sense of urgency in the customer if they feel like they may miss out on a bargain or deal.

Mass text messages have many advantages over email and other campaigns that can take a long time to create, send and see results.

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