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One Centralized Place to Text Staff

What if there was an SMS platform you could use to easily notify anyone and everyone on staff - whenever needed?

Enter Mobile Text Alerts: the SMS platform that gives you one centralized place to text employees.

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Is It Possible to Have an Effective Way to Notify Everyone?

There’s a lot of communication that needs to be done when you’re an admin in the healthcare industry.

Meetings, shift needs, safety notices, HR updates – the list could go on.

The trouble is that there doesn’t seem to be an effective way to actually reach everyone. The first go-to is often email, but not everyone checks email regularly.

Some may have their own internal communication system. But still, messages slip through the cracks for many.

So without a good method to reach people in a way that you’re sure they’ll actually see, you may be left scrambling to make sure everyone’s informed.

The inevitable result is often miscommunication coupled with frustration. Missed notices. Confused schedules.

You wonder, “Is it even possible to have an effective way to notify everyone?”

Well, the good news is… that it is possible.

With Mobile Text Alerts.

Reach Everyone in Your Staff - in Real Time

Meet Mobile Text Alerts. An SMS platform to let you reach everyone in your staff - in real time.

Instant Notifications - All in One Place

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Free Up Your Time with Scheduled Messages

Create messages ahead of time so that reminders and updates automatically send out at the perfect time.

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Enjoy More Organized Communication with Grouping Options

With grouping options, you can keep your messaging organized as you navigate messages to different groups of people (such as “Staff” or “Leadership”).

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Have More Flexibility with Unlimited Administrators

Create as many administrator logins as you need for managing your notifications – for free.

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Enjoy Easy Contact Management with Spreadsheet Imports

Drag and drop your existing list of contacts directly into the platform so you can easily start sending them texts right away.

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Save Hassle with Message Templates

Save hassle by creating message templates that you can easily use again whenever needed.

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Feel Confident with Helpful Support Just a Click Away

With helpful support at the ready, you can feel confident that you’ll get all your questions answered in no time.

Healthcare Texting Use Cases

“This has been a game-changer.” - Matt

"We are a healthcare facility with multiple locations. After a snow storm, we had doctors come to work when we we were closed. We needed a way to tell everyone the same thing at one time. This software has been a game-changer. Now we use it for the "shirt of the day" on Friday, a mass text for when servers are down, or even to say "Happy Birthday!" to an employee. Great product!!!
Matt Halcombe
Matt Halcombe
Low County Health Care Systems, Inc.

Just 2 Main Steps to Getting Started…

Tech-savvy or not, you can be ready to send texts in 5 minutes.

There are just 2 main steps:

1. Adding Subscribers

2. Sending a Message

(You can also get a FREE live walkthrough with a texting expert to help make sure you know what to do and how to do it.)

Here’s a 3.5 minute video briefly showing you how it works…

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All-in One Texting System for Healthcare - No-Risk Trial

Get all of the following for 14 days (no credit card or obligation required)…

  • 50 messages, so you can fully test out the platform and get a feel for how it works

  • Personal demo, so you can feel confident in getting started, and have all of your questions answered

  • Web dashboard, so you can easily send messages and manage your account from all of your devices

  • Mobile app, so you can fire off messages at your convenience

  • Spreadsheet importing, so you can take advantage of your existing list rather than starting from scratch

  • Text-to-join functionality, so you can get more people on your text list

  • Web sign-up forms, so you can easily collect contact information

  • Integrations, so you can free up time and hassle

  • Message scheduling, so you’re not tied down to specific times and dates

  • 2-way messaging inbox, so you can engage in personalized 1-on-1 conversations with your staff

  • Contact grouping, so your contact list can stay organized

  • Automations, so that you can relax and let the system do the work for you

  • Convenient support, so that you can get the help you need, when you need it

Enjoy 50 Messages Free for 14 Days

"Is Texting HIPAA Compliant?" And Other FAQs

Is Texting HIPAA compliant?
What is an example of a HIPAA compliant message and a non-compliant message?