Boost Facebook Live Sale Attendance Using SMS

  • Send text reminders to your customers 30 minutes before going live
  • Include the Facebook live link in your text message
  • Watch your attendance grow exponentially

Consultants Have Limited Time

If you’re a consultant who works in direct sales because it’s the best and simplest way to bring in extra income to support your family, you’re not alone.

Many consultants are drawn to the combination of flexibility and control that direct sales provides.

Of course, there are challenges—your time is limited. You can’t afford to waste time planning a live event only for two people to show up.

If you’ve experienced this problem, you’re also not alone.

How Wanda Solved This Problem

Wanda sells jewelry online and for a long time struggled to make the most of her live sales. People would indicate that they were interested in attending but then when the time came they wouldn’t show up.

How did Wanda solve this problem? With Mobile Text Alerts.

For me, I’m a single mother and my time is money. So when I want to schedule a Facebook Live sale, 30 minutes prior to my show, I will have an alert coming out to all my subscribers letting them know.

One of the simplest ways to use Mobile Text Alerts is to include the link to your live sale directly in your text to all your customers. That’s how Wanda does it, in fact.

I’ll say, ‘OK, girls, get yourself comfy,’ and then I’ll drop my link in there and remind them that they can come straight to my live show.

This one simple step helps Wanda consistently enjoy higher event attendance and, unsurprisingly, more sales revenue.

New Arrivals

In addition to sending alerts before she goes live, Wanda also uses SMS to let her customers know when new products arrive.

Whenever new arrivals come, I want my VIP girls to know exactly when they’re there.

The combination of flexibility and reliability is what makes texting such a powerful option for direct sales business owners. If you want to see for yourself how powerful SMS can be, sign up for a free trial today and start sending messages.

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