Business SMS Text Messaging Service

  • Send mass text alerts to customers & employees.
  • Get a free phone number. No CC required.
  • Sign up & start texting in seconds.

Why Business SMS Works

Why Business SMS Works

SMS is a familiar messaging platform. Your recipients do not have to download an app making it the perfect messaging channel for your business.

Get Your Own Phone Number

Get Your Own Phone Number

Using this business phone number, you can text your audience, informing them of sales, telling them of changes to store hours, or reminding them of upcoming events.

Engage Your Customers at Scale

Engage Your Customers at Scale

Answer questions quickly and reliably with 2-way SMS. Talk to your customers through either the desktop or mobile app.


Automate Your Messaging

Schedule messages ahead of time to remind customers about events or to remind employees of an upcoming meeting.

Personalize Your Messaging with Groups

Organize your contacts by separating them into relevant groups. Insert variable fields into your text messages such as first name, last name, or other custom fields.

Sell Your Products with Pictures Using MMS

Empower your message with an image! Send an MMS message and display a photo of your inventory, your product on sale, or your event flyer.

Get Your Own Business SMS System in Seconds

Add contacts, write your message, and click send. Get a free 14-day trial account and start sending business texts today!
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"We are a healthcare facility with multiple locations. After a snowstorm, we had doctors come to work when we were closed. We needed a way to tell everyone the same thing at one time. This software has been a game changer. Now we use it for the shirt of the day on Fridays, a mass text for when servers are down, or even to say happy birthday to an employee. Great product!
Matt H
IT Director

Event and Appointment Reminders

Cut down on no shows and grow event attendance. Remind people when you have an upcoming sale or if they have an upcoming appointment.

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