Best SMS Marketing for Med Spas

SMS marketing for med spas is one of the easiest ways to get patients to SHOW UP to their appointments - and keep them coming back. Discover how...

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"Texting has increased my sales and gives me a way to stay in touch with customers.

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"Easy to use service with THE BEST customer support ... The website is straightforward, and I like that you can see the text on the sample phone before it goes out, and you can send a sample text to yourself.

How med spas can use Mobile Text Alerts to keep patients engaged (and coming back!)...

  • Send a text after a new patient appointment including a link to sign up for their next appointment, to increase the likelihood that they'll return for another service
  • Send text reminders of upcoming appointments to reduce the no-show rate
  • Send text reminders to get appointments scheduled before the holidays or other busy times to help you get more business
  • Send text messages when a time slot opened up and needs to be filled, to maximize your med spa's revenue
  • Send a text when you have a business update, such as updates regarding business policies or hours, to reduce confusion and provide the best patient experience possible

Reduce no-shows, increase patient retention, and get more business with SMS marketing for your med spa!

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