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What Is Automated Messaging?

Automated texting involves sending out text messages on an automatic basis using a texting platform or app.

This includes texts triggered automatically by specific text-in words, pre-scheduled text messages, workflows of messages set up ahead of time, programmable messaging, and other automated messages triggered under specific conditions.

Automated texting allows you to use the power of texting without having to spend a lot of time and effort manually sending messages.

Why Send Automated SMS?

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98% Read Rate… Without the Hassle

Automated text messages allow you to take full advantage of the 98% read rate for texts, without having to do the work of sending out all the messages yourself.

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Flexible Options, to Automate the Way YOU Want to Automate

Don’t be boxed in with limited options. Enjoy being able to automate through several convenient methods such as pre-scheduling, setting up triggers, or creating workflows.

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Manage Everything from 1 Easy Online Platform

View, manage, and edit all of your automations easily from a single, easy-to-use platform. That way, you can access, change, or delete your automated messages whenever you need, with just a couple clicks.

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Automate Your First Text in Less Than 5 Minutes

Creating your automations is a snap. You can set up your account and automate your first message in less than 5 minutes - so you don’t have to stress out about a complicated setup process.

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Get All the Help You Need - When You Need It

If any questions do come up while you’re setting up your automated messaging, support is just a live chat away. Or you can set up a FREE consultation to get a private 1-on-1 walkthrough of everything you can do with the system.

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Integrations Let You Fully Customize to Your Automation Needs

Integrations through Zapier and a robust API allow you to set up whatever automations you’d like… whether that’s sending a confirmation text when your customer makes a purchase, to sending a notification about their abandoned cart.

5 Ways to Go About Automated Messaging

“Very Easy … Very Convenient”

"It has been a very simple solution; I have used other systems and this is very easy to set up and helps schedule promotions very conveniently.

What Are Some Use Cases for Automated Messaging?

Get More Clients to Show Up with Appointment Reminders

No-shows are a waste of time, money, and resources - for both you and your clients. A simple reminder text can do wonders to help people remember to show up for their appointments.

Enjoy Better Webinar Attendance with Webinar Texts

When more people attend your webinar, you have more opportunities to get better sales. Webinar reminders help you boost that show-up rate for your webinars - and if you use Zoom or GoTo for your webinars, there’s a direct integration that makes everything totally hands-free.

Save Lost Sales with Abandoned Cart Follow-Ups

Your potential customer was this close to making a purchase, but bailed at the last minute. Follow up with them while their interest is still fresh to help then overcome any final hesitations and get them to take that final step.

Show Your Customers You Care with Birthday Texts

Little personal touches make a big difference when it comes to building customer loyalty. Send texts on your customers’ birthdays giving them well-wishes and a promotional incentive, to make them feel special.

Give Your Customers What They Want with Order Confirmations via SMS

We live in an age in which people prefer texting over emails (and especially over phone calls). So instead of sending order confirmations via email, send these via text. Your customers will appreciate it!

Save Support Hassle with a Library of Custom “Trigger Words”

“Trigger words” allow you to create as many automated responses as you want, to be triggered when people text in specific words. Use these trigger words to answer your customers’ commonly asked questions quickly, without any hassle.

Engage Customers with Relevant Messaging via “Trigger Events”

Want to trigger a text message if a prospect doesn’t answer a sales call? Or if a customer’s credit card declined for their subscription auto-renewal? Use Zapier or API to automatically send out texts in response to particular events, so that you can engage people with relevant (and therefore, effective) messaging.

Get Better Customer Retention with Loyalty Follow-Ups

Trigger messages whenever customers earn points or rewards for your loyalty program - thus, helping to build customer loyalty and the likelihood that they will purchase from you again.

“Yes, People Can Easily Opt Out of Your Texts” (and Answers to Your Other FAQs)

Is it easy to set up automations?
Is there a limit to “trigger words”?
Can you integrate with my CRM or calendar?
Do people have to opt in to receive my automated texts?
Can people opt out of the automated texts?

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"Text alerts doubled my sales in the past 2 weeks.

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  • Spreadsheet importing, so you can take advantage of your existing list rather than starting from scratch

  • Text-to-join functionality, so you can get more people on your text list

  • Automatic QR codes, so you can have even more flexibility in growing your text list

  • Web sign-up forms, so you can easily collect subscriber information

  • Integrations, so you can free up time and hassle

  • Message scheduling, so you’re not tied down to specific times and dates

  • 2-way messaging inbox, so you can enjoy personalized 1-on-1 conversations with your recipients

  • Contact grouping, so you can organize your list to send more relevant messages

  • Reports and analytics, so you can monitor results from your mass texting campaigns

  • Automations, so that you can relax and go hands-free

  • Convenient support, so that you can get the help you need, when you need it

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