Using QR Codes for Marketing: Techniques

December 22, 2022 | Guest Post from Canva
Using QR code

QR codes have returned.

You now see them all over the place. You may even already use them for your own business.

But how can you best take advantage of QR codes? What benefits can they provide to your marketing?

Here we’ll provide some tips and marketing techniques to get the most out using QR codes for your own business.

What is the history of QR codes for marketing?

A QR code is an image containing a code people can scan with their mobile devices. Once scanned, the user is prompted to take a particular action - such as visiting a specific website.

Most mobile devices can read QR codes easily using the device’s camera, so they’re a convenient way to get your customers and prospects to interact with your marketing messages. They’re also easy to create and customize via websites and third-party apps like Canva’s QR Code Maker.

QR codes gained popularity with businesses that printed them on products and goods. Consumers would scan these QR codes to access content or redeem coupons. Then for a while, this method practically disappeared.

Until recently, when QR codes started to make sense again on a business level…

Their popularity grew rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The QR code proved to be a pragmatic way for restaurants to show their menu in the midst of pandemic restrictions. And this seemed to be a springboard leading other businesses to use QR codes in new ways.

Coinbase’s Super Bowl ad was a perfect example of this. It consisted of an entire minute of a QR code floating around the screen, with no explanation, branding, or dialogue. Then the Coinbase brand popped up briefly at the end.

The ad got such a huge response that it caused Coinbase’s app to crash and resulted in 20 million hits to its landing page.

See the ad here:

What is the importance of QR codes for marketing?

QR codes provide a convenient way to help you give your partners and clients the information they need.

It is now regarded as a powerful technique for advertising strategies by businesses and brands.

You can also save money with QR codes by sharing information more quickly, conveniently, and inexpensively.

What are the benefits of QR codes for marketing?

1. QR codes help attract the client's interest

Many people are intrigued to learn what information is contained inside a QR code when they see one. As a result, people will feel the urge to scan it and discover what it offers.

2. QR codes save money on resources

QR codes allow you to easily share information digitally - therefore, reducing how much physical printing is needed to promote your business. (Example: restaurants using QR codes instead of paper menus, as discussed previously.) As a side benefit, it’s also better for the environment.

3. QR codes give instant information

QR codes are a convenient way to have information accessible - considering that you can scan and see the information on your screen in just a couple of seconds.

4. QR codes are helpful in promotions

Using QR codes are appropriate when marketing promotions, sales, events, or something similar - because any mobile device can activate and access them.

5. QR codes can be shared easily

QR codes are easy to share and distribute through any means available to you, whether digital or physical.

6. QR codes can be customized

Using a QR code generator, businesses can customize their QR codes according to their preferred design and style.

7. QR codes are a low-cost strategy

Implementing QR codes into marketing or commercial activities is inexpensive. It is quite simple to create a code that can direct the recipient to your website.

QR code package

How can you implement QR codes for marketing?

1. Attach QR codes to products and their packaging

This is a technique that many companies are applying. Printing QR codes to your product’s packaging allows you to provide more information and appealing content, like recipes, promos, and games, among other things.

2. Attach QR codes to business cards

You can include QR codes on your physical business cards. One application for this (and a cutting-edge option for businesses and freelancers) is “virtual” cards. To immediately learn more about the business and the individual they are meeting, the client simply needs to scan a QR code to see the virtual card.

3. Attach QR codes to physical mailings

If you send out physical mailings as a marketing tactic, you can include a QR code in your mailings. This can be an easy call-to-action people can follow to take whatever next step you want them to take for your business (such as viewing your website).

4. Attach QR codes to in-store material

If your business has a physical location, you can include your QR code anywhere and everywhere on-location. You could include it at checkout, on tables, in waiting queues - even on your front door.

What are some techniques for using QR codes for marketing?

We’ve touched a little bit on this, but let’s get more in-depth on marketing techniques with QR codes…

Techniques for marketing with QR codes are continuing to evolve as more companies adopt this technology. Some common techniques include using codes for…

  • accessing exclusive content
  • providing rewards or discounts
  • entering customers into contests or sweepstakes

To take advantage of QR codes, marketers should consider how the code will be used and what type of call-to-action they want their target audience to take. For example, if a QR code is placed on a product packaging, it might link to a video showing how to use the product. Or, if a QR code is included in an in-store campaign, it could lead recipients to a landing page where they can enter their contact information for a chance to win a prize.

As mentioned, one effective way to use QR codes is to put them on other printed materials, such as flyers, or business cards. When people scan the code, they can be taken to your website or a specific landing page. This is a great way to drive traffic to your website and give people more information about your products or services.

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Another great way to use QR codes is in social media marketing. You can include a QR code in a Facebook or Instagram post, for example, that takes people to a discount coupon or an exclusive offer. This can increase engagement and get people talking about your brand.

QR codes offer an easy way for businesses to connect with their customers and promote their products or services. There are many ways to use QR codes to market your business. The best techniques depend on your business goals and your target audience.

Since they can be used with a variety of media and advertising platforms, QR codes give you excellent marketing benefits. Their main goal is to make information accessible to users quickly and accurately.

And their use is rapidly increasing.

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