Why Your Competitors Are Engaging More Customers: 5 Possible Reasons

September 27, 2023 | By Eliza Medley
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It's not a secret that winning new customers has always been a challenge for brands.

Modern consumers know well how to find the best deals – today, they are web-savvy. Companies are intensifying their marketing efforts, but sometimes, competitors seem to have it all without straining. What’s the secret to acquiring ‘sticky’ customers? How can you understand whether some part of your marketing campaign has gone along the wrong path?

The list of reasons why you may have a harder time acquiring customers may be quite long and diverse, yet there are some basics that need to be followed instead of inventing relentless and tricky engagement methods.

5 reasons your potential customers are fleeting away

The modern world is in a hurry. So, no matter how weird it may sound, simplicity is key to many things, including customer engagement. However, it only seems to be easy to grow your client base.

Some studies show that 70% of customers are driven by emotions when giving preference to a particular brand. How can you create this convincing atmosphere for decision simplicity?

In fact, it is a hard job to persuade someone to make a purchase. And here are core things that encourage your potential customers to choose your competitors.

Poor online presence

Brands that want to survive and thrive in this insanely competitive world must be visible online. It goes far beyond running a website. A brand must be active on social media platforms, all sorts of marketplaces and other online channels. Digital marketing is a cost-effective way of promotion. Besides, modern tools like SEO, online ads and campaigns help target the right audience and measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Analysis of user behavior allows you to find bottlenecks in current selling strategies and eliminate them. It is obvious who will win in this battle – the one who continuously cares about their online reputation and visibility. If you want to gain digital marketing skills you can take an online digital marketing course. This type of course can help give you a foundation for going about SEO, social media marketing, and more.

However, it's not just about being present; it's about being secure too. One critical aspect of online presence is email security. Many businesses overlook the significance of DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) policy implementation. Incorporating DMARC policy into your email authentication strategy is a proactive step toward maintaining a strong online presence. It not only helps protect your customers from phishing scams but also ensures that your communication is reliable and trustworthy.

Lack of competitive pricing

Customers always expect value for their money. If there is the slightest doubt whether the price of your product matches its value, they will immediately look for an alternative. It is a must to find a relevant price point and remain competitive. It is the art of finding a balance between your business profits and customer needs. You can only achieve it if you do not keep prices static – study seasonal demand and implement attractive offers in your loyalty program, but play carefully with drops and increases.

Lousy customer service

Even if you have managed to attract customers, it's only half the battle. The next step is to interact with them in a way so they don’t leave. Reputable brands make customers their main value. Customer service represents the first impression your business produces. Lack of responsiveness, inconsistent service and unhelpful staff are red flags that have inevitable side effects on your business. You will not only fail to attract new people but lose your regular clients. Happy customers will interact more with your business and, what is more important, become your brand advocates. Companies with strong customer service set a business cornerstone – trust.

Weak loyalty programs

Customers keep coming back when a brand offers enticing rewards, bonuses, discounts and other attractive things. Regrettably, traditional loyalty solutions are static and often isolated from their core functions. The consumer-centric era demands programs that deliver unique value to the customers and keep them engaged. It is not enough to focus on discounts or launch a promotion with high thresholds. If your loyalty initiative lacks personalization, offers inadequate rewards or sets rigid timeframes, customers will quickly get frustrated and switch to your competitor. Modern consumers look for multi-tier, mobile-friendly programs with gamification elements, regular communication and improvements. You can use push notifications, SMS, and email to help people track their progress or let them know when they’ve earned a reward.

Insufficient customer feedback

Some brands mistakenly believe that no complaints equals no problems. You may close your eyes to it and continue your routine business patterns until you wake up with no customers at all. The truth is that the majority of customers do not voice their disappointments. Thus, you are deprived of information that needs immediate improvement. Soliciting as much feedback as possible, be it positive or negative, is the first step to identifying potential problems with your services, goods, personnel and more. Leading brands use multiple ways to interact with their audience using email marketing or SMS marketing: online and email surveys, feedback forms, social media polls and reviews, live chats and net promoter score (NPS) surveys.

Diagnose the problem

It is vital to understand why your customers choose other brands. You can conduct competitive analysis and study your most successful competitors. Learn more about their marketing campaigns, prices, customer service and loyalty programs. Then, compare these results with your activities. The next step is to check with your audience what they like and don’t like about your brand. Encourage your customers to share feedback about their experience. It will highlight the weak and strong places of your business.

Learn who your customers are

You need to know who brings you profit. And is not necessarily the most frequent customer. You can use Google Analytics to extract various demographic insights. But don’t stop at that. Reach out to your audience via social media and SMS platforms to create buyer profiles. And don’t forget about experience marketing – organize live events via TikTok or Facebook and offer your audience to interact with your goods in a metaverse.

Enhance customer trust

It is not only excellent service and high-quality products that will make people return to you. You should also become a source of knowledge for them – let them know more about your process, solutions and goods. There are many strategies to use here: infographics, product comparison, webinars, and how-to videos. This approach will help your buyers make decisions and encourage them to stay with you.

When you get these insights, turn them into action! The received data will demonstrate to you where you need to upgrade, what your marketing campaign lacks, and how to enhance your loyalty programs.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, these hints will help you identify why your business fails to attract more customers and what you can do to prevent them from choosing your competitors. Once you reshape your processes, you will immediately see the change. However, the key idea is to continuously interact with your customers as the digital landscape is evolving. Brands should not fall behind with their offers. Only yesterday, a mobile-centric approach was at the forefront, but today, it is time of metaverses. Don't hesitate to catch up with the latest trends, and customers will follow you!



Eliza Medley is an experienced writer and psychologist. She is actively interested in management, new technologies, and writing motivational articles. She also loves catching up on modern trends. She inspires people to learn new things and reach new heights with her work.

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