Zipwhip Messaging: Why Zipwhip Shut Down + What to Do [2024]

MAY 16, 2024 UPDATE: Zipwhip has fully shut down as of December 1, 2023, and integrations with Zipwhip are no longer available.

Zipwhip was a robust SMS platform that allowed people to get in touch with their customers and audience. So why did it shut down? And what should you do about it now?

What Is Zipwhip?

Zipwhip was a prominent SMS platform that allowed businesses and organizations to communicate with their audiences using text messages.

Founded in 2007, Zipwhip was headquarterd in Seattle, Washington, and offered both an out-of-the-box texting solution and a programmable API.

In July 2021, Zipwhip was acquired by the larger SMS API company Twilio.

Shortly after, Twilio announced that Zipwhip would be shutting down.

Zipwhip's shutdown was finalized in December of 2023. The company now no longer exists and its interface has been discontinued.

When Does Zipwhip Shut Down?

The original announcement about the Zipwhip shutdown indicated that it would be finalized by the end of 2022.

However, Twilio extended the shutdown date an additional year, which gave customers more of a chance to find an alternative solution.

The shutdown was finalized in December of 2023.

Why Did Zipwhip Shut Down?

We don't know with certainty the specific details of why Twilio decided to sunset Zipwhip shortly after the acquisition.

One Reddit user gave a plausible explanation:

Twilio acquired Zipwhip for their exclusive contracts with mobile carriers and the infrastructure related to it. Those are really valuable to Twilio's software developer base. They're also one-of-a-kind.

Zipwhip's front-end SaaS isn't important to Twilio's base, and supporting it long-term doesn't fit their goals. Finances also play a part, as they always do.

This explanation is unverifiable but makes sense.

The bottom line seems to be that for one reason or another, Twilio did not deem it profitable to continue to maintain the Zipwhip interface.

What Can I Do If I Was Previously a Zipwhip Customer?

Previous customers who used the online Zipwhip interface will need to transition to a new service.

Check out the info below to evaluate Mobile Text Alerts as a Zipwhip alternative... (Note that some info may be outdated now that Zipwhip is fully shut down.)

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Mobile Text Alerts as a Zipwhip Alternative

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3 Steps to Get Your Contacts Switched Over

Step 1 - Create a Free Mobile Text Alerts Account

Step 1 - Create a Free Mobile Text Alerts Account

Creating a free trial account with Mobile Text Alerts takes less than 30 seconds and there’s no commitment or credit card required.

Step 2 - Add Subscribers

Step 2 - Add Subscribers

You can import an existing list via spreadsheet or API, or you can use one on several built-in opt-in methods to add subscribers into your texting database.

Step 3 - Decide How Many Messages You Want to Send

Step 3 - Decide How Many Messages You Want to Send

Our plans are simple and are based on how many messages you’d like to send on a monthly basis.

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Try a Zipwhip Alternative Now

Time's run out and there's now no choice but to find an alternative if you want to keep on sending messages... Why not try one that's easy to use, has attentive customer support, and knows how to help former Zipwhip customers?

With Zipwhip Shut Down, Here Are Some FAQs About Switching

How Does a Zipwhip Alternative Work?

Zipwhip alternatives such as Mobile Text Alerts give you options to add SMS contacts into an online database using a web platform, mobile app, API, or a combination of the three.

You can then send out mass or individual text messages using those same avenues, and can monitor the success of your campaigns.

How Much Does a Zipwhip Alternative Cost?

Plans for Mobile Text Alerts start at $20 per month billed annually or $25 billed monthly. And if none of the listed plans work for your business, contact us for a custom quote.

You can view pricing plans for Mobile Text Alerts here:

Is This Zipwhip Alternative HIPAA Compliant?

We can sign a BAA to ensure HIPAA compliance in regards to storing your data. (You'll still need to be careful about sending PHI via SMS unless you have express permission from patients.)

Is Zipwhip Shutting Down?

Yes, Zipwhip has shut down as of December 2023.

What Is Zipwhip Used For?

Zipwhip was an SMS platform used by businesses and organizations to text their audiences. This could be for promotions, customer service, announcements, account notices, or any other communication purpose.

Now that Zipwhip is shut down, former Zipwhip users need an alternative solution to continue their messaging efforts.

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