Send Unlimited Text Messages

Unlike most mass texting services, you don't have to worry how often you send out messages. With Mobile Text Alerts, you can send messages whenever and however often you want!

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How It Works

Step 1: Add subscribers to receive your messages

Engage Your Members With Text Alerts

Subscribers can be added by texting in to join, by using a web sign-up form, or you can import a spreadsheet of numbers.

Step 2: Send out your message!

Engage Your Members

You can send a message from your computer or mobile device with our user-friendly control panel, or you can send a message by texting in to the system from your personal phone.

Is It Expensive?

No, at Mobile Text Alerts we understand the need for organizations to keep costs low, so we do our best to make our services as affordable as possible. Plans start as low as $19/month, and satisfaction is guaranteed!

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