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The Easiest Transportation Communication Solution

Imagine a world in which you can instantly send notifications to drivers, staff, and passengers - notifications that will actually be seen in a timely manner. Without a lot of stress and hassle.

The Mobile Text Alerts SMS platform allows you to get right in front of your communication efforts for your transportation business.

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When Time's of the Essence, How Do You Update People?

In the transportation industry, there's a lot of time-sensitive communication that goes on. For example...

✅ Cancellations

✅ Closures

✅ Shift needs

✅ Route changes

✅ Scheduling issues

The list could go on!

You know the challenges associated with emailing, phone calls, or other communication methods - people don't always check their email right away, or the emails end up in spam, for example. So those important updates can go hours unread, if they're read at all.

And that's why you've considered adding in texting to your communication arsenal. Because you know it's a communication channel that people actually pay attention to.

But here's the rub...

You need a texting solution that's easy to implement. Something simple to maintain. Something that won't require hours of headache and hassle.

And that's where Mobile Text Alerts comes in...

With MTA you'll get:

👍 A fully functional texting platform that's easy to use and set up - no headaches necessary

👍 Robust messaging options to help you really reach the people you're wanting to reach

👍 14 days and 50 messages to try it out hassle-free


Keep Everyone in the Know - Hassle-Free

Streamline Transportation Communication with These Top Features...

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Easy Contact Management

Say goodbye to complicated database management. Easily add in your company’s contacts with the click of a button or the tap of a finger.

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Organized Contact Grouping

Have different groups of contacts you need to send messages to? Unsure how to separate out the recipients? No problem! Easily segment contacts into specific groups.

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Quick Messaging

You don’t want to be stuck scrambling to get an important alert sent out. Send quick alerts immediately and conveniently as needed.

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Convenient Options for Adding Contacts

What if you don’t want the hassle of managing contacts on your end? Good news! Your drivers, employees, and passengers can sign up to receive your texts via a convenient web form or “text-to-join” keyword.

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User-Friendly Mobile App

Who wants the hassle and frustration of difficult apps? In addition to the handy web platform, you can download the mobile app for maximum user-friendliness.

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Flexible Functionality

Don’t get stuck in a box with limited functionality - Enjoy flexibility with many other features to take advantage of, such as scheduling messages ahead of time, importing contact lists, adding administrator profiles, tracking link clicks, and much more!

"Their app and text service is so simple. I love it. I'm sticking with them for the long run."

"We have been able to reach our whole team in minutes and get out targeted messages to specific groups. Mobile Text Alerts has become a key part of our HR toolbox. Many thanks, and keep up the good work.
Joe Proehl
Joe Proehl

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