Texting Service for Nonprofits

  • Drive up event participation using text blasts.
  • Send important updates to members, staff, volunteers, and clients online or via the mobile app.
  • Schedule automatic reminders and announcements.
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Mass Texting Service for Nonprofits - Benefits

Mobile Text Alerts is a top texting service for nonprofits. Get a free phone number with your 14-day trial account. Sign up today!

Cut Through the Noise

Cut Through the Noise

Cut through the noise and get people’s attention with quick and easy text blasts.

Drive Up Participation

Drive Up Participation

Drive up participation in your events through SMS reminders and follow-ups.

Boost Your Impact

Boost Your Impact

Boost your organization’s impact and reach by using texts to build engagement with your services.

How to Set Up a Mass Texting Service for Nonprofits

Does the following sound familiar? Your nonprofit organization offers a great product or service, or hosts some awesome events, but no one seems to know or care. And no one shows up.

non profit volunteer waiting for people to show up

You fulfill some need or fill some void, but no one notices. And you think, “Why can’t I get people to take advantage of this?”

Here’s one answer: people just don’t know, or they forget!

They aren’t diligent about checking their email, and they hate getting phone calls. Social media is unreliable, and snail mail is a thing of the past.

Plus, people’s lives are incredibly busy and hectic, and it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks.

A nonprofit texting service helps by pushing updates to the one place people pay undivided attention to: their phones.

Here’s how you can take advantage of that for your own nonprofit!

5 Steps for Getting Started with Mobile Text Alerts

Step 1: Create an Account

Getting started is as easy as a few clicks! Just head on over to the Sign Up page and type in your info to create a free trial account.

Once it’s created, it will log you right in so that you can send your first test message.

Mobile Text Alerts sign up process

Step 2: Load in Existing Numbers, or Have People Opt In

As a nonprofit organization, you may already have a database of contacts who have agreed to receive texts. If so, you can load it in via a spreadsheet import.

This will save you the time and hassle of having to add people in individually, or of recollecting their opt-in consent.

If you haven’t collected your opt-ins yet, you can utilize our free sign-up options (such as text-in keywords, QR codes, and an online sign-up page) to get people to subscribe to your texts.

Learn more about how to add contacts here.

Step 3: Plan Your Reminders, Check-Ins, and Follow-Ups

In order to properly plan your messages, you have to first think of your goal.

Are you trying to drive up attendance for your next conference or meeting? Do you want to let people know about an upcoming program you’re hosting in their community? Do you need to simply let people know about important information such as changes in your hours of operation or weather-related closures? Or maybe all of the above?


Step 4: Send or Schedule Your Messages

Once you’ve decided how you want to use the system, in many cases you can go ahead and schedule some of your messages then and there.

Or if your notifications are regarding events that are unpredictable (such as unexpected office closure notifications), you could set up templates in advance so that when the need arises, your message content is already there ready to be sent.

Otherwise, you can log in to the online site or access the mobile app and send messages whenever you need.

Step 5: Watch Engagement Soar

Since people will actually be seeing and paying attention to your messages, you’ll see engagement rise!

Whether you use it for reminding people to come to your events, to communicate important information with members, to update staff on office announcements, or for whatever other reason, text alerts can help drive that engagement you’re looking for.

How a Nonprofit Director Uses Mass Texting

Learn how Nate Lewis uses Mobile Text Alerts to communicate with donors, volunteers, & coaches.

Watch Nate's Story
Office Updates
👨‍💼Meeting Reminders
Staff meeting at 3:30 in the conference room - See you there!
📢Staff Announcements
Casual Fridays are back! You may now wear jeans to work FRIDAYS ONLY.
🌩️Office Closure or Hours Adjustments
Due to inclement weather, our offices will be closed tomorrow. Stay home and stay safe!
🎂“Happy Birthday” Texts
Happy birthday to Aaron Nicholson! We appreciate you and everything you do to contribute to our team!

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#1. Stop Wasting Your Time

Imagine a world where you can reach your donors and volunteers instantly with the click of a button. With a nonprofit texting service like Mobile Text Alerts, you can speed up your communication and save hours in your day.

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Texting for Nonprofits: Features

Automation and Scheduling

Save time by automating and scheduling messages ahead of time.

MMS Picture Messages

Add visual appeal and a level of professionalism with MMS picture messages.

Link Tracking

Track clicks for links in your messages to see what kind of engagement you’re getting for your texts.

List Organization

Organize your contact list into groups such as “Volunteers,” “Staff,” and “Members.”

Spreadsheet Importing

Load in contacts to your text alert database easily via a spreadsheet.

Text-in Keywords

Have people text in a keyword to be automatically subscribed to receive your texts.

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