Text Message Loyalty Rewards

With Mobile Text Alerts, you can easily keep track of customer purchases, and reward repeat customers for their loyalty!

Track rewards for loyal customers

How it works:

Step 1: Go to your "Settings" on your control panel and under "Loyalty Rewards Settings" select the number of purchases required before your customers can earn a reward. Also, select whether or not you want the system to send out a text notification to a subscriber whenever you add a purchase for them.

Text Message Loyalty Rewards

Step 2: After someone makes a purchase from you, go to the "Loyalty Rewards" tab on your control panel and add the purchase for that subscriber. It will tally up how many purchases you have added for them and send them a notification for each purchase if you have that option selected in your "Settings."

Use Loyalty Rewards

Step 3: Once a subscriber has reached the number of required purchases, your screen will show a notification that the subscriber has earned a reward and their purchase tally will reset to 0. This lets you know that you can now provide them with their free reward.

This feature is included for FREE with all of our plans!

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