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How to Use text alerts for Your Business

An online SMS service will help you stay in touch with your existing and potential customers, boost engagement for your
brand, and increase conversions.


Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Choose MTA:

Text Messages

Don’t limit your mass texting by the number of texts in your data plan. Score text messages to send your subscribers promotions, reminders, product stock updates, and so much more.

Give your current customers and leads the latest intel about your brand’s social media or website content. Include links in your text messages so your subscribers go wherever you point them directly from their phones.

Improve Your SMS Marketing Campa ign:

Scheduled And repeated
Text Messages

Create your messages and send them off to your subscribers ASAP or schedule them to deliver at a specific date/time in the future. You control your campaign right from our intuitive control panel.

Start running campaigns and you’ll be able to create a text message once, schedule it to deliver when you want, and then set it to repeat as often as you need.

You can even create a series of text messages for each of your campaigns and subscriber groups to deliver over a period of time like a drip campaign.

Your subscribers will be informed, reminded, and never annoyed.

Test Message OPT In

Have your subscribers opt in for your messages by texting a specific keyword to the MTA longcode (662-200-4303). You choose the first free keyword and then you can purchase as many additional keywords as you want later.


Instead of your subscribers having to text your opt-in keyword to the MTA longcode, they’ll have the special privilege of texting to a 5-digit shortcode (48421).

When you make the signup process as convenient as possible, your tribe of customers and followers will opt-in without hesitation.


Unlimited Groups To
Run Multiple Promotions
At Once

Your existing customers need different messages than those warm leads you’re hoping make a purchase. So make sure the right message goes to the right subscriber by segmenting your subscriber list.

Run multiple promotions at once and reach each of your subscribers — no matter which stage of your sales funnel they’re in. Your super-targeted messages will prompt action and increase conversions.

Free Subscriber
Sign Up Page

Once your MTA account is active, we’ll generate a sign-up page for all your potential subscribers. Let us host your sign-up page or embed the HTML on your website so your followers sign up for your SMS service directly from your site.

Easy Unsubscibe And Message Deliverability Reports

Should one of your subscribers want to unsubscribe from your text messages, all they have to do is reply STOP to any of them and they’ll be taken off your list.

We’ll send you reports with your unsubscribe numbers so you can improve your marketing campaigns. Plus, you’ll have instant deliverability reports for every message you send so you’ll never wonder if your subscribers received them.

Your Business Can’t Afford To Stay Out Of Touch

Business texting not only improves communication with your customers, it also increases engagement and boosts sales too.

With easy ways to build your subscriber list, unlimited groups to organize and target your messages, the ability to schedule
your SMS campaigns, and so much more, business sms has never been so simple or affordable.

Learn more about how business SMS works.