SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is an awesome way to reach your customers personally and effectively. Get your campaigns directly to your customers' texting inboxes, where they're almost guaranteed to see.

Improve your SMS marketing campaign:


Not only can you send out your campaigns immediately, you can schedule campaigns to go out at a date/time in the future. You can even schedule your campaigns to repeat at specified intervals!

Scheduling SMS Message


Your customers can opt in to receive your campaigns by texting in a keyword that you choose. All of our plans include a free keyword that people can text in to our longcode, 662-200-4303. Some plans include a free keyword on a shortcode (5-digit number) as well for easy opt-in, and you can purchase as many additional keywords as you need.

Send Group SMS Messages


You can organize your subscribers into as many groups as you would like. This can help you keep track of your messages and your customers, especially if you have several SMS marketing campaigns that you want to send out. You could run multiple promotions at once, for example, or you could have one group for customers and another group to organize your employees so you can send them office updates.


Your customers can easily unsubscribe from your SMS marketing campaigns by replying STOP to any of your messages. We can also send you reports showing the numbers that have unsubscribed from your alerts