Receive Online SMS: Receive Your First Text in 5 Minutes or Less

An SMS platform allows you to receive (and send) SMS with the convenience of a web dashboard. You can get started receiving online SMS in no time with the Mobile Text Alerts platform.

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Get Your Phone Number in Seconds to Receive Online SMS

You can start receiving online SMS right away with a free Mobile Text Alerts trial account. You’ll get a temporary phone number that you can use to send and receive texts via a user-friendly platform and mobile app.
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How to Receive Online SMS

Step 1: Get Free Account

Step 1: Get Free Account

All you need to do is create your free trial account, and you’ll have access to a temporary phone number. Just fill out the info online to create your account (no credit card needed).

Step 2: View Responses in Inbox

Step 2: View Responses in Inbox

Once you log into your account, you’ll be able to set up your temporary phone number. Whenever anyone texts your phone number, you’ll see their response in your online Inbox.

Bonus Step: Send Messages Online

Bonus Step: Send Messages Online

Not only can you receive online SMS via the Mobile Text Alerts inbox, you can also send messages using the online dashboard as well.

A Brief Tour of Your Online Inbox for Receiving SMS

View Conversations at a Glance

All your online conversations will be easily viewable from the intuitive platform Inbox. You can search through conversations and export a spreadsheet list from here as well.

Respond Directly Within the Platform

You have the option of typing out a response to any of the messages you receive directly within the platform. You can even include elements such as image attachments and emojis.

Start New Conversations

You can start new conversations with just a few clicks directly within the Inbox just by clicking the “+” button, typing in the phone number of the intended recipients, typing out your message, and clicking “Send.”

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Why Use a Platform to Receive Online SMS?

Conveniently Manage Incoming and Outgoing Messages

Conveniently Manage Incoming and Outgoing Messages

There may be many situations in which you want to receive or send text messages but don’t want to use a personal number (for example, if you’re using texts for your business). An SMS platform gives you an easy way to manage your texting efforts.

Access from Anywhere

Access from Anywhere

With a user-friendly platform like Mobile Text Alerts, you can access your text messages from anywhere. No need to be tied down to a single device or location.

Get a Dedicated Phone Number

Get a Dedicated Phone Number

You’ll enjoy the benefit of being able to use a dedicated phone number for receiving and sending online SMS. No need to be concerned about sharing a number with others, or with your number going inactive.

How to Get Started with Receiving Online SMS in 3.5 Minutes

Getting started is as easy as filling out a form! Here’s how.

Here’s What Else You Can Do with an Online SMS Service

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Receive SMS and Monitor Messages

With the Mobile Text Alerts Inbox, you can view and manage all the messages people send into your virtual phone number from the easy-to-use online platform or mobile app.

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Send Messages

Enjoy easy 2-way conversations using the online Inbox, or send mass texts to larger recipient lists with just a few clicks.

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Automate SMS

Schedule messages to go out at just the right moment, set up a series of automated messages to go out over a period of time, or create automated replies to trigger as needed.

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Organize Your Contact List

Easily group your contact list into organized segments so that you can manage your contacts and send relevant messages to the right people.

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View Delivery Reports

Easily see what messages you’ve sent and who has received them at a glance from the online platform reporting.

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Get All the Support You Need

The online dashboard is easy to use, but if you ever need help, just click into the corner of your screen to access timely support. (No bots here! You’ll get real help from real people.)

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Get all of the following for FREE for 14 days…

  • 50 messages, so you can fully get a feel for how it works
  • Personal 1-on-1 walkthrough via Zoom, so you can feel confident in getting started, and have all of your questions answered
  • Web dashboard, so you can easily send messages and manage your account from all of your devices
  • Mobile app, so you can fire off messages on the go
  • 2-way messaging inbox, so you can enjoy personalized 1-on-1 conversations with your recipients
  • Spreadsheet importing, so you can take advantage of your existing data rather than starting from scratch
  • Text-to-join functionality, so you can get more people on your text list
  • Automatic QR codes, so you can have even more flexibility in growing your text list
  • Web sign-up forms, so you can easily collect subscriber information
  • Integrations, so you can free up time and hassle
  • Message scheduling, so you’re not tied down to specific times and dates
  • Contact grouping, so you can organize your list to send more relevant messages
  • Reports and analytics, so you can monitor results from your mass texting campaigns
  • Automations, so you can relax and go hands-free
  • Convenient support, so you can get the help you need, when you need it
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Receive Online SMS: FAQ

Is it free to receive online SMS?

You can get access to a free trial of the Mobile Text Alerts platform for 14 days. The free trial and all paid subscriptions include unlimited free incoming texts, so you will not be charged for any messages you receive.

You can check out our subscription options here.

How long can I keep my virtual phone number?

You can keep your “temporary” or virtual phone number as long as your subscription is active. Your phone number is totally unique to you so no need to worry about sharing it with others.

Can I get notices on my phone when my virtual number receives a message?

Yes, you can get a text message or push notification on your phone whenever your virtual number receives a message.

Do I get to choose my virtual number?

You’ll get to choose your virtual number from a pre-selected list based on your area code of preference. You can typically select a phone number from whatever area code you’d like.

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