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Why Is Mobile Text Alerts the Best Alternative to Project Broadcast?

Like Project Broadcast, Mobile Text Alerts allows you to connect with your customers and downline quickly and easily through texting. More engagement = better sales = more success for you and your team!

Building a Customer Base

Building a Customer Base

While Project Broadcast is great for very small direct sales businesses, it may not be best if you have a larger audience, or if you’re trying to build your blossoming customer base.

Freedom to Grow

Freedom to Grow

With Mobile Text Alerts there’s more freedom to grow as it's built to be able to send thousands of messages at once. So no need to worry about having too large a contact database - either now, or down the road.

No-Hassle Startup

No-Hassle Startup

Getting started is easy-peasy and you can try it RIGHT NOW for free, with no hassle. Enjoy a smooth interface and live chat support.

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Which is Best for You?

Who Is Project Broadcast Best For?

  • Direct sales retailers just starting out in their business
  • Direct sales retailers who don’t expect to grow their customer base beyond immediate friends and family
  • Direct sales retailers with a small customer base who don’t mind transitioning to a different tool if they grow

Who Is Mobile Text Alerts Best For?

  • Direct sales retailers who are serious about growing their business
  • Direct sales retailers who have an established customer base
  • Direct sales retailers who want a single tool they can use their whole career regardless of how much they grow

How Mobile Text Alerts (Our Project Broadcast Alternative) Helps Boost Sales...

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Personal Customer Connections

Texting is the best way to connect with your customers and downline - nurturing those relationships and ultimately leading to more engagement, better sales, and a thriving business.

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Quick Support, When You Need It

Rest assured that you can get help quickly and easily if questions ever arise. Live chat support is available within seconds during business hours, and after-hours questions are answered the next day, if not sooner.

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Hassle-Free Learning Curve

Need help getting started? No problem! The user-friendly interface is easy to learn. And you can get a live walkthrough scheduled at your convenience.

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Easy-to-Use Platform & Mobile App

No need to stress out over complicated software. Quickly send messages to your customers and downline anytime, anywhere from the online platform or convenient mobile app.

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“Set It and Forget It” Automation

Free up your busy life by scheduling and automating messages ahead of time. That way, you don’t have to be constantly monitoring and manually sending messages.

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Speedy Sending with Room to Grow

Send thousands of texts at once without concern for delays that result from message batching. This gives you plenty of room to quickly connect with your growing audience.

Here's What Other Retailers Are Saying

""The feature I like best is that it is so easy to join. So far I love the ease of using the software and getting my friends to become a part of the team. I'm looking forward to using the company's advice for my company."
Diane W.
Diane W.
Independent Jewelry Consultant
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FAQ on Project Broadcast and Mobile Text Alerts

What is Project Broadcast?

Project Broadcast is an SMS provider (like Mobile Text Alerts) that allows you to send out text messages for your business.

How to cancel Project Broadcast?

Go to your Project Broadcast account. You should see a clickable section on the bottom corner of your screen. Click it to view the Subscription option. After selecting the Subscription option, you'll be able to change or cancel your subscription.

Who uses Mobile Text Alerts?

Many retailers for direct sales businesses use Mobile Text Alerts, such as:

  • Young Living
  • Norwex
  • Scentsy
  • Pampered Chef
  • Bomb Party
  • Doterra
  • Pomifera
  • Tupperware
  • Mary Kay
  • Younique
  • Pure Romance
  • Color Street
  • Monat
  • LuLaRoe
  • Paparazzi
  • Anything in between!

Does texting work for direct sales?

Texting is an excellent tool for direct sales retailers. Direct sales is all about relationships and personalization. And what more personal way is there to connect with a large number of people than through texting? And you just can’t top the stats:

  • Read rates of up to 98%
  • People respond to texts 5x more than emails, social posts, phone calls, or any other form of digital communication

How can I use texts to improve my business?

As a direct sales retailer, you can use texts in a variety of ways to boost sales and improve your business:

  • Drive engagement by sending out discounts and promotions
  • Draw more viewers to your live videos by sending text reminders
  • Build loyalty by following up with customers to educate them on their products and answer questions
  • Boost your downline’s performance by coaching them on best tips and practices
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